Good News for You who Love Cycling to Work

October 2, 201711:59 am2021 views

Employees who cycle or run to work would have access to more showers, lockers, and drying stations to help freshen up before stepping in the office door. The latest grant from Land Transport Authority (LTA), Travel Smart Grant will be extended to facilitate office building developers and owners to offer such amenities for employees.

On Friday (29 Sept), LTA said that the grant will be used to fund up to 80 percent of the cost of such facilities, with a maximum cost of $80,000 per development. Previously only eligible for companies, now companies could provide more facilities for those who use alternative modes of transport to commute to work.

Announcing the change at the LTA’s Travel Smart Day 2017 event, Senior Minister of State for Health and Transport Lam Pin Min stated that employers who promote flexible working and travelling arrangements for their employees now can count on the Government’s support for such initiatives. By doing so, both employers and the government can make more efficient use of our public transport resources.

First launched in 2012, the Travel Smart Grant aims to help organisations cover the cost of carrying out programmes that encourage their workers to travel at off-peak timings or use alternative transport methods to get to work. Part of the LTA’s Travel Smart initiative, the grant seeks to reduce demand for peak-hour travel while supporting flexible travel arrangements, Straits Times reports.

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There are two other aspects offered by the initiative, including a Travel Smart Rewards scheme which provides commuters with cash rewards for travelling outside of the morning peak period, and Travel Smart Consultancy Vouchers which provide up to $30,000 for companies to employ approved consultants that help them analyse employee travel patterns and come up with plans to manage workers’ travel needs.

More than 15,000 commuters shift from peak to off-peak travel daily, the LTA said. This number is equivalent to 10 train loads of passengers. Owing to the grant, more companies are also joining in the act. While in its first year in 2012 The Travel Smart initiative had only 12 participating companies, the number has grown to more than 200 today.

CapitaLand, which has built more than 500 bicycle parking spaces in its office building and shopping malls, wishes to add more to support Singapore’ move to go car-lite. The company’s spokesman said its new integrated development at Raffles Place, on the site of the former Golden Shoe Carpark, will feature a cycling path, 165 bicycle parking spaces and end-of-trip facilities to encourage tenants to cycle to work.

Since the first launching of the Travel Smart initiative, almost $16.6 million in grants, rewards and vouchers have been given to organisations.

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