Rarely Known Facts about Generation Z

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Rarely Known Facts about Generation Z
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According to Google Trends, the popularity of the term “millennials” has exploded in the past four years. And it comes with a reason, since millennials make up nearly 50 percent of the workforce today. However, as quickly as millennials swept into the workforce, another wave of generation is arriving at the workplace: Generation Z. 

Some experts define that Generation Z tends to be more independent and more diverse in every way. They are more technologically advanced, and while millennials and Gen Z are close in age, both have stunningly different belief systems. Gen Z views their worlds with a healthy dose of skepticism, in which group-minded baby boomers and millennials might misunderstand. 

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Given that the Gen Z is more diverse and has a unique way of thinking, how managers and HR leaders engage them will determine whether they create an amazing organisational culture – or if the managerial team completely misses the rank. 

So, how will your company welcome this new batch of professionals? Here are rarely known facts about Generation Z: 

  • They are independent learners and love online educational resources, such as TED Talks, Master Class, LinkedIn Learning, podcasts, ect.
  • They are doers and activists, and always in pursuit of finding their own answers. Due to this trait, they often ask for forgiveness rather than permission. 
  • They grow up as digital natives surrounded by social media and search engines, and thus very resourceful. 
  • They are realists and know that they live in a world that has never felt safe. 
  • Their attention span is down to eight seconds as they live in a continuous updated world with fast information. 
  • They are known as a good generation where they can change tasks fast, a.k.a multitasking. 
  • They are justice-minded, have a heart for a mission, and get out there to make it happen. No wonder, they love volunteering and investing their time to do projects. 
  • They are pragmatic entrepreneurs, meaning HR and managers should avoid micromanaging them. Instead, HR and managers can build an environment where creative individuals can take chances and innovate without fear of recrimination. 
  • They are interested in meaningful social change and want to be part of designing solutions to problems they face. 

With more of Gen Z entering the world of business and workplace, more characteristics and preferences will be discovered. There are likely more hidden talents and gems that we haven’t discovered from Gen Z but soon we will. Hence, it is going to be an adventure learning about them!

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