Building An Army of Brand Ambassadors From Your Current Employees

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Companies need to stay competitive. Thus they are always trying to fine-tune their strategies to increase their volume of sales and profits. Some companies with more capital might use costlier methods like expanding the sales department, joining trade events, giving sponsorships or spreading brochures (not to mention, you need to hire people to give out these brochures) and more.  While others might use methods that cost lesser, like promotion through social media platforms (which can be really effective when done right).

Most companies believe in the perspective of – the stronger the brand, the higher the demand. A strong brand not only increases the product lines, but it is also easier to gain more recognition and attract best talents to join the company.

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The marketing department, indeed, plays a vital role in the success of a company’s brand. However, they should not be working alone as every employee in each department has a role to play. Do you know? Your employees, are a bunch of potential army of ambassadors.

Employers can encourage employees to increase the company’s branding by using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.

There are four steps to transform employees into your company’s brand ambassadors:


Building an army of ambassadors requires a condition where employees feel connected to the brand and understand their roles in turning brand aspiration and motto into reality.

According to the 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer “Employees rank higher in public trust than a firm’s PR department, CEO, or Founder. 41% of us believe that employees are the most credible source of information regarding their business.”

Customers’ interaction with either frontline or behind-the-scenes employees will drive more trust and credibility to the company’s brand. Their reviews are perceived as more authentic and honest as compared to marketing agencies.  


With a clear communication of visions and strategies the company is adopting, employees can better promote the company’s brand through their own circles whereby a higher credibility could be achieved toward the company.  

When employers fail to deliver clear visions and goals, there is a tendency where the employee could even present the brand with incorrect information.


To boost the employees’ motivation in doing the additional role (as the brand ambassadors), employers should give adequate recognition for their effort. Simply by organising a simple appreciation party could boost employee’s motivation in putting even more effort.


When the marketing materials are readily available for employees to browse through, even during their free time. It could encourage the employee further in helping to share with their circle of networks.

In Conclusion

The whole idea is to build an initiative and engaging work environment where employees are spurred to be involved in the growth of the company, especially when their efforts are being recognised. Of course, employers should take note that the employees are managing their individual duties well and not neglecting their tasks.

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