Annual HR Conclave in India Welcomes Change in HR rules

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Annual HR Conclave in India Welcomes Change in HR rules
IIM-U organises Spandan 2015 Annual HR Conclave in India

Annual HR Conclave held at Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur called ‘Spandan 2015’ welcomes change in HR rules. The conclave saw discussions and deliberations on the rapid transformation happening in the HR industry today.

The theme of the conclave was ‘Connect’ to focus on evolving roles of HR in the fraternity today. The event saw panellists from various corporate and reputed companies chairing the panel discussion which focused on research, analytics, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

‘Connect’ focused on deliberating the ever evolving roles and responsibilities of the HR function and discussed on how connecting it with the mainstream functions is the need of the hour for successful and strategic functioning of the organizations.

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While this event was a completely student-driven event in Udaipur, it aimed at bridging the gap between industry and academics to offer a common platform for professionals to interact with the students and discuss on opportunities provided by the industry, insights and facilitate sharing of knowledge.

Janat Shah, director of IIM-U, told TOI, “The fast changing HR practices need to be understood for better channelization of our vast human resource.”

Overall, the event left the attendants with some juicy information to deliberate on the key trends for the industry going forward as it embraces transformation in HR roles with keen interests.

The quality interaction between the corporates in the panel and students as attendees was an overall enriching experience, on the backdrop of World Yoga Day celebrations. Leadership and management skills in HR were also being prodded upon at this conclave.

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