73% Global HR Leaders Say Managing Today’s HR Issues is Becoming Increasingly Difficult

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According to results released by Paychex Snapshot, 73% global HR leaders believe that managing HR has become increasingly challenging and difficult. This number jumps to 80% for those serving in an HR director, vice president of HR, or chief HR officer role.

Of the HR issues facing the industry today, benefits management (30%), performance management (27%), and recruitment and retention (24%) were top-of-mind among respondents.

Paychex’s Vice President of Marketing Andy Childs says, “The demands associated with managing more traditional HR issues such as benefits administration are only made more complex given today’s regulatory landscape. That’s why it’s become paramount to streamline processes and integrate solutions wherever possible.”

According to one HR director surveyed, “The ways of the past have become completely inefficient. It’s hard to believe we used to manually keep track of hours, and everyone had their own manila file with their application. Although that’s become much more efficient, complying with (regulatory issues like) health care reform has become more challenging.”

Regulatory Issues Heighten HR Concerns

One in four HR leaders agree that increasing employment regulations have become more difficult to manage in their role. Of those surveyed, 33% of respondents agree that the Affordable Care Act is the regulatory issue of most concern to them.

The Department of Labour’s recently finalized Overtime Rule is the second-most pressing concern (20%), while workers’ compensation and workplace safety (16%), and minimum wage (14%) also resonated.

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Technology Makes Life Easier

Whether it’s traditional HR concerns or new legislation, keeping up with the increasing demands of an HR leader can be a challenge. However, 99% of HR leaders reported they rely on at least some form of technology to help them do their job. According to respondents, some of the top benefits include increased efficiency, accuracy, and convenience.

These findings were released by Paychex, Inc., a leading provider of human capital management solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses, at the recently held SHRM Annual Conference and Expo in Washington, D.C., June 19-22, 2016.

This survey was conducted online between May 20, 2016 and June 2, 2016 and polled 402 HR leaders who held the titles of HR manager, HR supervisor, HR director, vice president of HR, or chief HR officer (CHRO).

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