4 Ways to be a Great Boss without Being Bossy

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Upon hearing the word ‘boss’, there are good chances that employees will picture an image of angry manager shouting and yelling his subordinates to do things. This could be owing to the fact that boss is often associated with negative stereotype, such as toxic, difficult, and demanding. So, is there no way you can be a good boss who is obeyed out of respect instead of fear?

Being a leader is not an easy feat. While you might have the power to tell people do this and do that, you also bear a huge responsibility to ensure the success of the team. More than the prestige and privilege to give orders or commands to employees, you are in charge of building an effective teamwork. To achieve this goal, there are many challenges you have to face.

Among the most crucial question in leadership is how to be an excellent and respected boss, such that you can create a highly-functional team. Some leaders end up abusing their authority to force employees to follow their lead. The truth is, fear-based leadership is not a good kind of management. Instead of seeing the employees as subordinates, a boss should see them as partner for success. All you have to do is to be a boss without being bossy. Practice the following tips to be an amazing boss:

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Value the individual more than performance

The B-word (bossy) boss tends to focus only on the productivity and outcome without paying attention to the individual. On the contrary, a great boss believes that if he values his people, people will value him as well. When a manager can demonstrate good attitude and communicate well with employees, the employees will understand better what the leader expect from them. While you need to push employees to do the best, you also need to offer equal compensation if they can reach the target.

Adjust yourself to the employees

If you ask your employees to accomplish certain targets without considering the means, this will only make you a bossy person. Instead, a good boss will adjust himself with the employees before asking them to do anything. In order to better manage the team, a leader should understand each team member’s capability. Such strategy will improve efficiency and optimise the teamwork’s productivity.

Explain the ‘why’

A bossy person tends to give command without telling the actual reason. Even when the employee asks why, he will reply with, ‘Just do what I say. I know better than you’. Such attitude will not be found in a great leader’s characteristics. Inspiring leader tells the detail of a command along with the reason why employees should do something.

Don’t use intimidation

Have you ever heard a boss complained in anger about an employee’s past mistake like, “Two months ago you did mistake in A, now you do it in B, what is next?” Such expression will intimidate employees and hurt their mental health. If you want to be a respected leader, you should learn to forgive past mistakes and focus more on the improvement. When you can implement this strategy in the right way, it will reduce your chances of being hated by the employees.

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