Talent Development & Succession Planning Masterclass!

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It is increasingly important that organizations have an effective succession management strategy in order to ensure leadership renewal, prevent critical position shortage and to foster a talent-oriented culture. Talent identification and development is a critical part of succession planning and is important to ensure talent gaps can always be covered and that your high potentials and performers are always equipped with the right competencies and knowledge to take on leadership roles in the event of organizational growth, talent loss and/or management turnover.

While the process of succession planning is unique to each company, there are general processes, approaches and strategies that can be taken to ensure you create a successful talent and succession management strategy.

Through case studies and real industry practices, attendees will be exposed to success factors, practical strategies and best practices when it comes to developing an effective succession planning strategy which incorporate effective talent identification, development and management frameworks which align to your company’s business objectives.

8 Reasons Why You Must Attend!

  • Learn how you can develop an effective Succession Development Plan
  • Improve your Talent Identification and Development strategies
  • Integrate your Talent Development Framework within Your Succession Management Strategy
  • Ensure that your Succession Planning Strategy really solves your talent gap problems and leadership renewal challenges
  • Understand how you can align your talent development and succession planning strategy to your overall business objectives
  • Special Segment on Talent Analytics & Behavioural Economics
  • Develop effective competency programs and great learning content for your high performers and high potentials
  • Hear from Global Case Studies and Adopt Practical Best Practices in Talent Development and Succession Planning


24 – 27 June 2019



To learn more, please visit here or email at enquiry@equip-global.com today!

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