Learning Event: School for L&D Professionals (Singapore)

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6th April 2016


London School of Business and Finance (Singapore)


Please click here. (No Event Fees)


Building on the success of the HR Exchange, a free event for HR and L&D professionals, we are proud to be extending our commitment to the development of the L&D industry with the ‘School for L&D Professionals’.

In the School for L&D Professionals, you will be able to tap into the storehouse of expertise and experience of People Potential and our team of specialist partners. What this means is that there’ll be lots of interesting modules coming your way. You’ll be able to learn new skills or fine-tune those you already have in areas like the nitty-gritty of Business Presentations, Respect at the Workplace, EQ, Facilitation Skills, and much more.

Our dream for the future is to open the School to all HR and L&D professionals regardless of seniority. That’s slightly further down the road, and we’re working at it.

For now, if you’re a senior HR or L&D professional with more than 5 years of experience in HR/L&D, do sign up for the School for L&D Professionals. We need to get as skilled in our field as doctors, lawyers, scientists and engineers are in theirs. Let’s keep learning together. It’s free.

Click here to find out more about the Event’s Agenda. 

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