AIA Vitality Summit 2017: Changing Behaviours for a Healthier Workforce

March 14, 201711:49 am1702 views

To survive and stay ahead of the game, businesses need to stay on their toes to swiftly respond to today’s ever-changing environment. It is the astute, forward-thinking businesses which will succeed amidst these challenging times. They understand that healthy employees make for a more productive workforce. They know that a healthy workplace improves staff engagement and retention, and decreases medical claims.

This is especially critical with Singapore’s manpower crunch, ageing population and an increasing proportion of workforce continuing to work over a longer period of their life. Today, it is even more crucial for businesses to advocate healthy living amongst employees to keep productivity levels from declining rapidly.

The call for increased employee productivity and improved wellness is pressuring companies to change the way they manage their workforce. In fact, employee wellness programmes have been identified as the number one factor defining work-life balance and contributing to employee productivity, as indicated by 42 percent of respondents in Asia Pacific.

AIA Vitality Summit 2017, themed “Changing behaviours for a healthier workforce” on April 3 2017, seeks to provide insights and address key questions on how employers can take action:

  • What are practical ways for businesses to implement corporate wellness programmes that lead to sustainable behavioural change among employees?
  • Is there an easy, plug-and-play solution for companies to inspire behavioural change and influence good habits for a happier, healthier and better workforce?
  • What are the benefits of corporate wellness programmes, how do you measure them and why are they especially relevant today?

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We bring together leaders from the financial, healthcare and policymaking sectors to discuss and provide practical advice on how companies can inspire behavioural change and influence good habits among employees to reap the business benefits of a healthy workforce. The summit will be attended by approximately 250 C-suite executives and representatives from government agencies.

This year’s focus on practical tips for employers follows from the inaugural AIA Vitality Summit last year, which sheds light on the benefits of corporate wellness programmes. At the same time, delegates raise questions on how to find and implement a sustainable programme.

As the first insurer to pay members as they get healthier with the launch of AIA Vitality in 2013, we continue championing corporate wellness and encouraging businesses to play a more pro-active role in ensuring the good health and wellness of employees. These efforts are aligned with the government’s initiatives to ensure the wellbeing of individuals, families, businesses and the nation.

Empowering businesses to help their employees live happier, healthier and better lives, starting from the workplace, is part of AIA Singapore’s commitment to investing in the health of Singapore.

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