Asean HR & Talent Strategy Conference 2017

February 6, 201711:30 am662 views


21 to 22 March 2017


Bangkok, Thailand


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Trends are increasing for globalization and HR is playing greater and more important role in achieving global business success. The rise of technology and social media have completely redefined the role of Human Resources around the world. HR involves more than just hiring and hiring. It includes development, engagement, culture and leadership. With an implications of AEC, a huge spike in migration of skilled labour between AEC countries is expected. With over 600 million people, ASEAN’s potential market is larger than the European Union or North America. Next to the People’s Republic of China and India, ASEAN has the world’s third largest labour force that remains relatively young. With human capital now being such a source of competitive advantage, the door is open for HR professionals to bring to the table the value they have for many years been espousing.


A bird’s eye view of what will be covered during the 2-day conference is as listed. Presentations and panel discussions will focus on the current topic in Human Resource strategies and technologies. The conference will emphasize that collaboration, disruption, new standards of corporate ethics and accountability that can provide an organization with a competitive edge and balance international and local perspectives. But, most importantly, how to think different at two levels — at the organizational level and the individual level. This conference focuses on HR practitioners from Greater Mekong Sub-Region (CLMV) and will ultimately help organizations to reach high performing and competitive success in the globalized business world.



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