Work From Home : 5 Productive Ideas to Get Most Out of Remote Working

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Remote working is now becoming more popular, as many benefits can be gained for both the company and its employees. Many considerations are referenced, starting from the time and place effectiveness, up to increasing productivity at the same time.

A survey conducted by PGi, a leading global provider of collaboration software and services shows up the enormous benefits telecommuting offers for both employees and the businesses. The State of Telecommuting 2014 revealed that 82% telecommuting employees have less stress levels, 80% are having morale improvements, 70% are gaining higher productivity and 69% have improved on the absenteeism at work.

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While these clear benefits are tempting, if remote working is not correctly managed and planned, it could prove to be a career disaster. Working from home, one of the consequences is employees generally sleep over tasks and productivity delays is common. Here are 5 unique ideas and tips for those working from home, to be more productive at work:

  • Get a specific room to work

Some people might think that working from home frees you up to work from anywhere you love most: kitchen, living room, or backyard. On the other hand, an environment full of your personal stuffs or even your children’s playing tools are quite disturbing as they mess up your concentration. Get a specific room for your professional job, and feel the difference compared to your nomadic working room.

  1. Keep it professional

Home sweet home, as many people said, doesn’t always have the same meaning with an ideal workplace. Design your house, especially the room where you do remote working to be as professional as possible. Set a chair and a desk in the most comfy corner and put all the stuffs, including computers and cables to the proper positions. Place all the documents in the most accessible arrangement and keep the confidential letters in a specific cabinet. Do not forget to set a significant password for your computer, emails, folders and cloud storage, before these documents get messed up with your spouse, family, siblings or even children.

  1. Stop Procrastinating, Set your Self-Discipline Commitment

Remote workers tend to have much more time to spend than those who work within standard times and confines of the office space.Hence, this requires greater amount of self-discipline to accomplish tasks within standard timelines set, as bad time management could result in procrastination. Set the working hours, decide which hours are the best time to work and finish within your deadline commitments. If needed, set the daily tasks featured by what and when to do lists to keep the workflows set right.

  1. Getting tactical about when and where

One essential benefit of remote working from home is that you can decide on the times you would be working. If you are morning person who gets bright ideas to mind during the day, then chase the urgent jobs during morning hours. On the contrary, if you cannot handle some jobs in the morning then make time for them during the later course of the day. However, if your home is crowded with children or playing neighbours, go get a place to work such as a coffee shop or anywhere else.

  1. Set ‘me time’ for a healthy work-life balance

One of the flaws of remote working is that sometimes you have to sacrifice your precious family time to chase the deadlines. This is not good for your health and productivity as such imbalance would lead to productivity burnouts, tiredness, frustration and affect health.

First and foremost rule to stay productive when working from the comfort and convenience at home is to stay disciplined, adhere to professional work commitments and deadlines, while keeping your employer’s trust intact to accomplish tasks dutifully with complete dedication everyday. This is one of the key cornerstones for success of an accomplished individual and to rise to key position within the organisation.

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