Stop Believing These 5 Myths About Millennials At Workplace

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Senior business leaders and HR professional managers hold similar strong beliefs and perceptions about the millennial workforce. Drawing upon references from various news reports and opinions gone viral through media, this piece is intended to bust some of the myths held strong about millennials. Now let us clarify some of those perceptions.

Most surveys conclude with the same result that the millennials are different from their predecessors (Baby Boomers and Generation X). This is mainly influenced by their digital proficiency evident in their performance at work.

Fast paced technological advancements and working in a digital world is way far different from the older generation pursuits. The millennials have been born and raised in an era where sourcing becomes much easier with the Internet boom and digital connectivity. Indeed, the digital development gap results in both positive and negative perceptions about the millennials.

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This generation is able to immediately access data and seek trustworthy authentic information from sources across the globe. These specific abilities result in such commonly held negative perceptions about how millennials work reflecting on their performance – as frequently known to be lazy, entitled, selfish and narcissistic.

Unraveling the Myths

Based on a 2014 survey by IBM institute entitled Myths, exaggerations, and uncomfortable truths, in a multigenerational study of 1,784 employees from organizations across 12 countries and 6 industries discovered that Millennials want many of the same things that their colleagues from earlier generations do.

While there are some distinctive facts about this generation, the attitudes of millennials towards their work life is far different from the generations of the past. Here we unravel 5 common myths about the millennial workforce:

#1 Myth : Millennials have different career goals and expectations

Some people believe that millennials have different orientation towards their career goals and expectations: They are more social-oriented, obsessed to change things beyond human control, or dream to be the superhero and saviours of the world.

Based on facts from the study, Baby Boomers, Gen X and the Millennials present almost similar orientation towards their career goals and expectations in terms of making a positive impact at work, help solve social/environmental challenges, work with diverse groups of people, manage work-life balance, achieve a position of senior leadership and financial security, entrepreneurial spirit to achieve more.

#2 Myth : Millennials Seek Constant Acclaim and Recognitions on Job

Millennials do not require a perfect boss, all they need is an ethical and fair leader, who values the transparency and dependability. This leads them to experience a comfortable yet productive workplace.

Surprisingly, Generation Xers are the ones who think everybody in the successful team should be recognized and awarded, whereas the millennials are more simple: they just want to be treated fairly.

#3 Myth : Millennials are digital addicts who want to share everything virtually, including their professional life

Since millennials are active on social media platforms, they are perceived as those who share their professional life issues virtually with everyone. However, study findings contradict this myth to make you believe, that they are indeed capable of distinguishing between their personal and professional lives.

#4 Myth : Millennials do not make their own decisions

Indeed, it’s not only millennials who need support and contributions from other colleagues and boss to assist in the decision-making process through their views and opinions, the Generation X also practice the same. Meanwhile Baby Boomers is the only generation that is sure of their own decisions, refusing the general view that a boss is always the best decision maker.

#5 Myth : Millennials are chronic job-hoppers

It is true that millennials frequently change jobs that suit their conditions and likes, but this is not what the millennials want indeed. Similar to other generations, they just want to have better self development prospects and financial stability. However unpredictable economic climate and workplace culture to dampen employee morales, leads to attrition at work.

It is important for senior management, business leaders and HR managers to not believe these myths about millennials’ attitude towards work, thus resulting in more suitable workforce management such as to productivity and engagement.

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