Loving Your Employee Makes Them Perform Better

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Loving Your Employee Makes Them Perform Better
Loving Your Employee Makes Them Perform Better

Being the boss or a leader in a company or a small group will never be easy. It requires hard work, patience and of course, all the skills and the intelligence you have. However, being a good leader to a team doesn’t only need all of these. It also needs some human touch.

Treat your employees like how you want to be treated, sounds familiar?

Well, you heard it a lot of times – the golden rule. Employees are after all human just like you. And making them feel special and well-loved can definitely boost their morale and even make them think to stay with you through thick and thin. Employees are not just some mean green money-making machines; they are people who function through brains and emotions.

For you to be loved by your employees and help them perform better and hopefully stay with your company the longest, you should take note of the following tips:

  1. Be human. Acting like human to your employees is the best thing to do. Do not yell, humiliate and publicly berate your staff members. Doing so can surely bring their self-esteem down that can lead to poor performance or worse, loss of a very reliable staff.
  2. Be clear with your expectations. Being a boss is not just to boss around. You should always be the number one to communicate with your employees. You should be able to give them clear and very concrete goals. You should always see to it that your staff definitely knows what you are talking about and that they definitely know how the success you are envisioning looks like. It is always good to be able to convey clear messages in your group.
  3. Have a word of honor. Do as you say. You, as a boss always lead them in every little thing that they do. You should keep your word. Know how to fulfill promises and also be firm in all your commitments.
  4. Give praise and provide feedback. How will someone know if what they are doing is wrong? Well, if you are the boss, you should always be the first one to criticize and correct your employees for you and the rest of the business will be the one to be affected most. But don’t be too harsh in giving your criticism. They are human after all. There are chances that they became good employees. So be careful with your criticism. It should always correct them; make them feel they still have a second chance. Of course, in everyday life on an employee, there are just some gloomy days. Try to talk to them. Give them very warm and comforting words when you feel like they need one. Be a friend to them. Praise them as often as possible but make sure, whatever you tell them should always be true. You are still their boss; your words should always be credible.

Taking good care of your employees not only will make them happy, you are also making your business happy. And happy employees always do excel in everything they do. Being nice to them is surely a very good investment!

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