How to Ask for a Location Transfer to Your Manager

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You love your job, but you also want a new working environment. If your company’s branch offices are located out of town or even abroad, then asking for a location transfer could be a good option.

Agnes Hussherr and Anne Donovan reported that nearly half (45 percent) employees want some changes in their career, with 37 percent of Millennial workers would like to pursue a career overseas. This trend is attributed to the fact that more people nowadays want a global aspiration. They want to feel how it is like to work in a non-native country. Besides that, location transfer also helps build loyalty and it can grow employees into better leaders as it helps leverage their business view and meet new faces. So, it is a win-win for both employees and company.

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The problem is, asking manager for a location transfer can be hard. Therefore, you need to be completely prepared before talking to your manager about the idea. You should prepare the reason why and how the transfer would be a good move for both you and the company. For example, you want to be transferred to China. You can say that you are able to speak Chinese and want to move there because you know that China is one of the largest economy in the world, and it will bring many advantages for your personal development.

Further, if you have determined to change your career location, consider following these steps before handing your job location transfer letter.   

Ask advice from an experienced colleague – Firstly, you can dig some information from co-workers who have experienced location transfer. Connect to them and ask their advice on how to propose a job location transfer.

Find a good reason and talk about it – Ask yourself, why do I want to move? Does this reason benefit organisation or only me? Is it rational? Is it an honest reason? What are the possible consequences of the transfer? These questions will lead you to a conclusion whether your reasons are good and acceptable enough or not. The key is that you should be honest and open.

Think from your manager’s perspective – By seeing from someone else’s perspective, you can finally understand your true desire for moving. This also can help you decide whether your reason will be accepted by manager or not.

Reflect on your ability and skill – One of the most important aspects of living abroad or in another city is flexibility and ability to survive. Do you have what it takes? If no, you can build and improve it first. According to Wright State University, you can hone your flexibility and adaptability skills by overcoming your irrational fears, boosting your self-confidence, getting involved in change process, setting new goals, anticipating change, and stretching yourself. Only when you have built and improved these skills, you are ready to face the consequences of your own decision.  

Moreover, you should also have skills needed to survive in a new country. For example, skill to speak advancely in targeted language country and skill to manage your time efficiently. When you work away from your manager, you should always connect to him by technology like Skype or text messenger. Therefore, time management is vital in your case.

Finish your current tasks – Lastly, before you ask permission, show the manager that you are responsible for your current role and will also be more responsible when your work location is moved. Usually, changing location will be daunting at first because you need to adapt to a new environment. You will also need to do added tasks given by employer in your new location.

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