How Can You Increase Employee Relations Right Now?

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How Can You Increase Employee Relations Right Now?
How Can You Increase Employee Relations Right Now?

If you are working in human resource department, management is always a dilemma. Of all the company’s assets, human resource is the hardest to manage. This is because people have the tendency to look into the management prerogative and questions or challenges the administration. In both big and small companies, the right relationship between and among the employees and employers should be cultivated.

Creating correct employee relations

HR management is responsible for creating a good social environment for the employees to establish retention of productive labor force. Here are the things that HR management should do:

  1. Create a culture. Every company has its own work culture that sets the discipline in the work place. Before the HR allows the newly hired employee to start working proper orientation about this culture should be presented to him. There is a set of social guidelines that HR management will ask him to understand by heart.
  2. Establish the habits. HR management should implement the rules set by the administration. They should make every employee develop a habit of following these rules. Making the rules known to the whole company is the first step. The date of implementation of should be clearly stated, as well as the sanctions. Reminders are given until the community remembers the rules and develop the habit.
  3. Discipline. Discipline is very important because the company is working and operating through its people. If the employees are not properly molded into the company’s norms, the company will not create a good reputation in the community.
  4. Empower the employees. Loyalty is borne out of the feeling of gratitude of employees towards their employer. By educating the employees according to their job function will not only create strong retention bonds to employers but also, improve their productivity. The company will benefit from this.
  5. Allow recreational activities. Sports fest, summer outing and team building are important for the employees and employers as well. Wellness increases physical activity and mental alertness. Sport makes them have fun and work with others as a team. These activities increase camaraderie. If every employee is happily working for a company, salary scheme come as secondary priority. Employee satisfaction is higher.
  6. Settle conflicts under due process. Since conflicts between employees are unavoidable, HR managers should not decide right away on the sanctions. Allow them to settle between themselves. If they cannot settle amicably, then initiate investigation and due process. This will help them understand themselves well along the process, rather than an outright disciplinary action.
  7. Provide financial assistance. It’s not always a sunny day; sometimes problems may come to your employees’ personal life. Allow them to have an emergency loan to help them during times of crisis. The loan also, should be under provisions in such a way that the company’s financial status will not be compromised. Allowing employees to loan in times of need will give them the sense of feeling that the company truly cares for them.

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