How Can Presentation Training Seminars Boost Teamwork?

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Does your company have lots of new staff who need to make presentations?  Are your teams struggling to find new ways of communicating and sharing information? Have you ever considered a presentation skills seminar as a means of improving both presentations and teamwork? Quite likely few of your new hires have ever had any formal presentation training.

You are no doubt aware that presentation training seminars are excellent tools to boost communication skills and stand up presentation skills.  As junior staff and new hires enter your organization it is usual of large companies to offer in-house training on core competences such as those learned in a presentation skills seminar.

While you may consider providing a presentation training seminar for these new hires, don’t forget to consider the benefit of a presentation skills seminar for mixed teams.  While new hires often are nervous about aspects of their new roles including the need to make formal presentations, they may also need support in learning how to connect and relate to other team members.

A Presentation Training Seminar for the whole team is an ideal way to bring your group together to build concrete presentation skills, while also offering an opportunity for fun, learning and relationship development.

According to Suzanne Guthrie, Director of Learning at Presentation Training Institute, the new staff benefit from presentation training seminars that focus on simple ways to get across corporate messages with impact.

“Our presentation training seminar assists all members of the team in incorporating key skills such as gestures and voice control into their presentation delivery.”

“Presentation training seminars can also be geared to provide extra practice sessions as employees have little or no stand up presentation experience.  “Considering that many new graduates have grown up using a lot of electronic communication tools, it’s understandable that they need a formal presentation skills seminar to develop their public speaking skills.”

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“We also find that younger team members enjoy learning content and tricks from more seasoned team members, while all participating in a presentation skills seminar.”

We ensure that our facilitators do a thorough needs assessment and fully understand the needs and challenges of the whole team prior to the presentation training seminar”, points out Guthrie.

“We have a long history of working with millennials to ensure that our presentation skills seminar  keeps them engaged, addresses their strengths and overcomes habits that interfere with their presentation success”, she adds.

Kristen Rossi, Communications Consultant at Presentation Training Institute adds, “Presentation training seminars are one of the most powerful tools for improving the ability to educate and even to sell.  The younger members of an association benefit significantly from participation in a presentation skills seminar early on in their career.”

Some companies may wonder about the cost of presentation training seminar for their teams. “Many of our repeat clients stress the affordability of presentation skills seminar for their new hires and professional staff” states Hornickel, Presentation Training Facilitator at the Presentation Training Institute.

In brief, new hires are the perfect participants for a one or two day presentation training course.  The have the longest career trajectory ahead of them and will surely benefit from the presentation training programs geared to their unique needs.

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