A Little Risk You Can Take to Grow a Business

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We often call people who lead a successful life as the luckiest person because their efforts and hard work are paid off. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have the good fortune on their favour that they end up facing failure in what they are doing. If success is determined solely by good luck, then, why do people need to struggle hard to make progress and get to the top? Can we just wait for our lucky day and make the most of it?

In her TED talk, Tina Seelig, a writer and professor at Stanford University, defined luck as a success or failure that is apparently caused by chance. She said that luck is just like the wind that blows constantly, meaning that we can feel it but it is not something that we can see physically. We can catch the winds of luck, but it is hard to recognise and this is not obvious. Unfortunately, when you grab an opportunity and try your luck at something, sometimes the outcome is not what you have expected.

Can you relate to this situation?

Worry no more! There are ways to increase your luck – and more to see and seize opportunity. The truth is, luck can be created and from that belief, we can build our most successful moment and grow with it. Here are three ways Seelig proposed to increase your luck:

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First and foremost, you need to change relationship with yourself. You need to get off of your comfort zone and take risks. Risk is what makes you the luckiest person. As best as possible, try to map risks you are willing to take and explore your own willingness to jump into it. Seelig said that there are hundreds of risks you can try such as intellectual risk, social risk, emotional risk, political risk, and many more.

As an example, when you attend a conference, don’t focus only on learning from the speakers. Instead, you can take a little social risk by saying hello to other visitors. By taking one little step of risk, it can create a path that will lead you into your own success.

Second thing is to change relationship with other people. You need to understand that you need other people to help you achieve success. They can lend you a hand and strengthen your luck. You can start building better relationship by recognising and showing genuine appreciation to those who are working with you. Nowadays, people seek more recognition and you never know what appreciation can do to people.

Every single day, show how grateful you are by thanking your employee, coworkers, or colleagues. This simple action will not only increase your luck, but also employees’ productivity and happiness – which will eventually contribute to your success.

Last but not least is to change relationship with ideas. Ideas are neither good nor bad. Occasionally, crazy ideas or bad ideas that we often see impossible, can be a brilliant idea ever. If you think of creating a company or a business, what do you usually do? Most founders will say research and plan everything neatly. Yes, that is true. But do they suggest you to create impossible ideas? No, they don’t. Often times, they might say that “it’s a crazy idea that will never work.”

For example, you propose to your employer to hold an employee vacation in Havana, Cuba. He responds by saying maybe later or we are on tight budget. However, later becomes never and your employer maybe doesn’t want to spend so much money for the employees.  This will disappoint you as you realise that your idea has been rejected. So, what about change this disappointment to something better like changing the destination to a less travelled beach in your town? Or instead of eating out in a luxurious restaurant, you and other employees can cook meals together. It will strengthen employees’ relationship and they might enjoy something they never did before. All you need to do is foster your attitude towards a bad idea and turn it to something amazing.

Finally, you need to combine time and opportunity. Luck is not always something that comes suddenly, but with our skills, we can create it. Therefore, you need to be open and attentive to see from different points of views.

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