Eight Essential Tools for Personal Branding

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What do you think of branding your name? – Personal branding, now and then, has dramatically changed. Traditionally, personal branding seemed to be only applicable and viable for celebrities, speakers, or other public figures. However, in an age where image matters, nowadays personal brand is not something that only popular figures should have. If you are a jobseeker or aspiring professional, you should consider about building a personal brand as it will have big influence on your success.

In the globalised world where you might cross path with unpredictable individuals, you need to be prepared for ‘unpredictable situation’, especially situation that requires you to appear credible and professional. Therefore, no matter what your profession is or who you are, creating and maintaining personal branding is vital. It is a vivid indication of best things you can offer such as contribution, performance, and value. Personal branding is also something that can differentiate you from other people.

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In the last article we’ve talk about how to create personal brand using 3 simple ways. Now, here are tools you can use to maintain and leverage your branding.

TOOLS for creating your personal branding

#1   Medium

Blogging is a modern way to personal brand yourself. It needs to be done correctly with a long process as you need to maintain, monitor, and fix if there is mistake of your own blog. Medium, a famous platform where you can publish your work or articles, can help you make people notice what you do, what you build, and who you truly are without stressing too much on how to maintain the blog. You can just write then publish. You can also express yourself and your vision through writings or videos then upload it under your account.

#2   LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not only a platform to build connections and look for a job. You can now publish your own content as LinkedIn has its own built-in platform. It is free and give its users the possibility to gain fame.

#3   Canva

Canva is a great tool to customise your social media presence. There are sets of awesome templates you can use to design your social media account in order to look more professional and attention-grabbing. You can easily strategise the visual elements and colours of it without stressing about the quality result. Canva comes with free and paid features to make your online presence more incredible.

TOOLS for monitoring your personal branding

#1   Mention

Mention is one of reputable tools to monitor your social media channels in real-time and without too much hassle. It is a good partner for personal branding and management.  You can track anything important of your social media, blogs, and webs. You can as well analyse your web statistics and perform deep searches.

#2   Google Alerts

Keeping yourself alerted about how you appear in Google searches is a habit you should develop. Therefore, setting up Google Alerts is one of good choice. Google Alerts will give you straight notification to your inbox.

#3   TweetDeck

Twitter is the number one place where thought leaders gather. So, it is a great tool to make prominent leaders get to know your name. If you are still active on Twitter, you should consider using TweetDeck. You can trace and keep everything in one place with TweetDeck. It will help you focus on specific topics where all leader do their discussion. Therefore, you can get latest news in your field and participate in discussion that matters, such that you can easily connect with leaders at the same time.

TOOLS for extending & maintaining your personal branding

#1   Meetup

Meetup is a good way to stay connected with nearest community possible. It is one of ways to build your personal brand offline. You can meet up new person in your community area, find new hobbies together, and master the courage of speaking in front of a community or build up your speaking skills.

#2   Buffer

Do you have so many social media for branding yourself? If yes, it might be gruelling without Buffer to maintain them all. Buffer allows you to schedule messages for different social media and post updates. Note: If you like sharing articles, don’t just share it in a raw form. Add some words to attract discussion. That’s how a true thought leader use to brand themselves.

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