Biocon is the Only Asian Company to Rank among the Global Top 10 Biotech Employers

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Biocon is the Only Asian Company to Rank among the Global Top 10 Biotech Employers
Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Chairperson and Managing Director, Biocon

Asia’s premier biopharmaceuticals company, Biocon ranks among the world’s Top Ten Employers in Biotechnology, according to an annual survey conducted by Science/Science Careers magazine. The company has moved up to No. 9 in ‘Science 2016 Top Employer’ ranking from No. 13 last year. Biocon is the only company from Asia to feature on this prestigious list.

According to the comprehensive 2016 Web-based survey of nearly 6,000 respondents, Biocon’s ranking is based on Key Attributes such as ‘Innovative leader in the industry’, ‘is socially responsible’ and ‘has a clear vision.’ 

Biocon Chairperson & Managing Director Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw said, “We are delighted to be ranked among the ‘Top Ten Global Biotech Employers’ by Science Magazine. This is recognition of Biocon’s high quality talent aligned with the vision of innovation led enterprise that is also socially responsible. It is a proud moment for all of us and a great motivation to keep pushing the boundaries to provide affordable access to therapies that can impact global health.”

She added: “We strongly believe that our employees are our greatest strength and our work culture of unconventional thinking, focus on excellence, freedom of speech and high degree of empowerment instills confidence and a high sense of ownership in our people which drives them to make a difference.”

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Science 2016 Top Employer survey stated, “When asked what makes the best companies the best, employees noted that the top firms operate as meritocracies, possess adequate resources, have trusted brands, and are responsive to stakeholders. Companies exhibiting these qualities include the rest of this year’s top 10 employers: Vertex Pharmaceuticals (No. 5), Novozymes (No. 6), Genentech (No. 7), Alexion Pharmaceuticals (No. 8), Biocon (No. 9), and Roche (No. 10).”

The Science and Science Careers’ 2016 annual Top Employers Survey polled employees in the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, and related industries to determine the 20 best employers in these industries, as well as their driving characteristics.

Respondents to the web-based survey were asked to rate companies based on 23 characteristics, including financial strength, easy adaptation to change, and a research-driven environment.

The 2016 survey sought to identify the companies with the best reputations as employers, based on 5984 survey responses from readers of Science and other survey invitees. Survey participants came from North America (56%), Europe (28%), and Asia/Pacific Rim (12%); 93% work in biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and pharmaceutical companies.

And 85% of respondents were above 30 years of age, two-thirds of respondents have an advanced degree and 10 years or more of work experience, and 60% report working in R&D positions.

Survey responses were analyzed by The Brighton Consulting Group, which used a mathematical process to assign a unique score to rate each company’s employer reputation. Each company received a ranking, for example, on the basis of whether it treats its employees with respect, whether its work-culture values align with employees’ personal values, and other factors.

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