Best Content Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Recruitment Process

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Best Content Marketing Strategy to Boost Your Recruitment Process
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With fewer people looking for jobs than openings available, it goes without saying that top candidates have bigger bargaining power than ever. In-demand talents are looking beyond salary to gauge their options and choose the organization they want to work for. Amidst the tight talent market, organizations have begun to adopt and leverage content marketing in their recruitment process. But what exactly is content marketing and how can you utilize it? 

Content Marketing for Hiring Process

Content marketing is a strategy that involves publishing content in order to establish a company as a thought leader in its target industry. There are plenty of platforms to reflect a company’s content marketing, such as its official web, social media, and press releases. The objective of this strategy is to acquire and maintain connections with top talents. Content marketing also contributes to the development of thought leadership, which can be a strong employee recruitment strategy by putting a business’s values and priorities into words for candidates to view. With good content tactics, the company can also give a clear image of what it feels like to work for them. 

Here are three strategies to build good content marketing that can entice the best talents.

1 . Thought Leadership is for Everyone

When people hear the term ‘thought leadership’, most will associate it with the leader or managerial roles of a company. It is true that CEO or division leaders who participate in seminars, talks, or similar events can become representatives of the company they work in. This is why thought leadership is crucial, since top talents may put those company representatives as their consideration before applying to a company. However, this is not the entire scope when thought leadership is adopted as a strategy in content marketing. 

Thought leadership is not limited to a team leader’s level. It can start as simple as leading oneself in striving for self-development. Establishing a learning and development program for everyone can help your company’s content marketing work more efficiently. This will not only reflect a company-wide commitment to quality but also attract top talents, as they believe that you would assist them in cultivating their leadership abilities as well.

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2 . Stay Relevant

When it comes to employer branding and content marketing, knowing how to best utilize social media is mandatory. It is important to maintain your company’s relevance by actively increasing the awareness of its existence through social channels. Start by asking your department leaders to write about their career journey and share it publicly through LinkedIn. Nowadays, candidates pay attention to people’s personal stories about their working experience in a particular company to get a better image of how it looks to work there. Additionally, it is also helpful to engage with the latest trends in the industry and show how your company responds to them. This strategy of staying relevant can help enhance your recruitment process as candidates may perceive you as ‘trustworthy’ for making efforts to stay current.

3 . Maintain Consistency

When it comes to generating thought leadership material, consistency is essential. Consistency also reveals itself in the content marketing you publish. While you still need to avoid spamming posts, it is important to stay on track in increasing people’s awareness about your company all year long. It may not be wise to jump into the bandwagon of content marketing only during special occasions, such as during Pride Month or Mental Health Awareness Month, leaving other times of the year passive. Show that your company actually cares about spreading useful information about the industry by providing consistent content, be it in the form of articles, reports, social media content, and so on. While the shared information may vary, your company’s values, goals, and purpose should always be expressed clearly and consistently across all platforms. The finest candidates always look for the most up-to-date information and will soon notice which companies are contributing to the industry and which are not.

Focusing on content marketing to establish a strong company image may spark the interest of potential candidates and even help your company optimize the recruitment process. When executed correctly, content marketing for recruitment may show a passion for innovation, allowing potential candidates to connect with your organization’s unique point of view. 

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