What makes a responsible and powerful Human Resource Manager?

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What makes a responsible and powerful Human Resource Manager?
What makes a responsible and powerful Human Resource Manager

The function of a Human Resource Manager is very challenging; in his hands is the power (or the lack of it) to recruit the best talents in the job market that will help create a workforce that will help the company thrive to superior growth. He also takes on the responsibility of training and keeping these workforce motivated and engaged at work. Yet not many HR managers are given the same recognition as other managers of equally functional departments.

To increase the credibility of the HR manager’s function he or she must be aware of the following business issues:

HR managers must have clear understanding of the company’s objectives

Managers of other functional departments insist on departmental investments that will help save more money for the company in the long run. In much the same way, for instance the hiring of key executives, investments also have to be made so that apart from optimizing resources, nothing of it is put to waste by avoiding hiring mistakes.

Business systems, research and development as well as production or manufacturing equipment are not just the important investments of the company; human and intellectual capital are also part of these and are the driving force that sets the rest of investments into motion. HR managers must speak in this language of business in order to establish their credibility.

HR managers must be a trusted partner of other line managers

Power is not gained through popularity in that in order to achieve the same the HR manager must be willing to work on other managers’ whim. Instead the HR manager must gain trust of other managers by agreeing to work with them to find and create solutions. He must be open to ideas but when pressing departmental issues are raised to him, he must see and explain these issues always in the point of business and not just because of company policies.

HR managers must lead a good example in human communications

When was the last time you had an encounter with an individual who happens to display insensitivity in the way they communicate only to find out later that he’s actually an HR manager? Unfortunately this happens all the time when HR managers fail to set a good example in human communications, in really getting interested in people or constituents. The workforce require support not just in their professional growth in the company but also in making the workplace a good place to grow in. In such case, mutual expectations must be comfortably communicated at the onset with full consideration of existing policies.

HR managers must know how to strike a balance

Yes, HR managers hang on balance between being good stewards of the workforce and duty fulfillers of the company. It is not always a good position to be in. Yet in order to be effective for the job, HR managers must always stand in the middle and try their best to provide best service to both sides involving his work.


Being a good HR manager definitely helps in improving employee retention in many ways.


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