Think About It, Why Do Employees Quit Their Job

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Think About It, Why Do Employees Quit Their Job
Think about it Why Employees Quit their job

Employees can come in any shape and size. They may come from different culture, ethnicity and status. But you can never deny the fact that they quit their jobs from time to time because of several reasons.


Some will give you the reason of relocation, prefers to be stay at home with their kids, and there are also times that out of the blue, they just realized how important school is. These reasons, no matter how true they are, are giving the employers no choice but to let them go because they involve life events in an employee’s world outside of work.


However, on the other hand, most reasons why employees quit jobs are under the employer’s control. It is a fact that any element that the current workplace, the culture and the environment and also how the employee perceive the job and the opportunities are all factors that the employer can affect.


Here are the 6 dreaded reasons why an employee leaves his job:


  1. Employer- employee relationship. Employees are expected to display kindness and obedience towards their bosses. However it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be friends with their boss. All they need is to have a civil and decent relationship. The boss is the most important person in the company and any rifts at work won’t help.


  1. Wants to go out of their comfort zone. There are times that when an employee keeps on doing what he did from the very first day of his employment, the employee can become bored and unchallenged by the work. Of course, no one wants to be unchallenged and bored by their work. If in case you notice that an employee of yours is de-motivated, help him get back on track by helping him find his passion again.


  1. Co-workers. Relationship with co-workers is one main reason why an employee leaves his job. A difference in culture, beliefs and sometimes a petty argument over something, it may be work or non- work related that can definitely trigger this.


  1. Opportunities to showcase skills and abilities. There are times that employees are less challenged by what they are doing at the moment. And when an opportunity knocks on their door giving them chance to show what else they can do and offer, right then and there, without any questions, an employee submits his resignation letter to the company.


  1. Company’s financial stability. Employees decided to be employees not just to show their bosses their talents. Of course, like any human being, an employee has immediate needs like food, shelter and health. And when the organization that houses them declares financial trouble, the employee’s initial reaction would be to get out of the company and look for a greener pasture.


  1. Career Advancement. If an employee feels that all of his efforts are not being recognized and acknowledged, it is automatic for an employee to get out of the job and find another employer who can definitely give value to his strengths. Of course self fulfillment and employee’s ego is at stake here.


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