The Winning Edge: Skills That Set Successful CEOs Apart

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Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As the words resound, most people think of a well-dressed man or a woman who confidently delivers business plans, futuristic outlook and company’s new innovation in a confident tone, to all employees and the board members. Appointed as a CEO for fast-growing business is a huge accomplishment. But here’s something you should know, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Holding the highest executive role does not only give you all the pride and prestige, but it comes with high stakes and intense demands, too.

Aspiring CEOs might look up to the world-renowned visionary leaders such as Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. Young and prosperous, these figures are among bunch of the most intelligent, creative, and powerful individuals. Successful CEOs are legendary because they have a sharp minds that helps them make impactful decisions to drive change. They have demonstrated a whole new levels of business skills and acumen that sets them apart from other leaders.

While you might believe that you are different and might be working at a lower rung of the human capital value, the truth is, they start off from scratch just like you. However, they possess certain skills and competencies that gives them the winning edge to rise to senior executive roles and board leadership. Even you can learn these skills and hone your performance by observing and carefully understanding what makes them become, what they are today.

Below are some successful business behaviours demonstrated by successful CEOs for you to note:

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  1.       Visionary thinking

Successful leaders do not just think about what’s on their plate for today and tomorrow. Rather, they make plans for the next three, five, and even ten years ahead of them. Not easily satisfied with their current success, visionary leaders always seek to find new ways to do things that will improve the business. With this skill, they drive change and prepare the organisation to be future-ready and thrive in the ever-changing marketplace.

  1.       Likeability and integrity

Great leaders always possess a key trait of great communication skills. Successful CEOs have the gift of gab, which helps them win people’s heart through their convincing words. As an influencer, they are able to express their vision clearly and send the message across to people from diverse backgrounds. No wonder, they possess high likeability and emit positive aura around them. Great CEOs also possess a sense of morality in their DNA.

  1.       Risk taking ability

‘Playing safe’ will lead you nowhere in the long run, there are certain calculated risks that need to be taken to rise to higher levels. In order to achieve greater success in life, CEOs are required to take risks along the course, while minimising repercussive effects or chances of jeopardising the business repute.

  1.       Team builder

CEOs cannot work solely by themselves. To carry out effective business operation, they need active support from employees. The quality of the team does measure the quality of leadership. Therefore, a CEO should possess great ability in bringing the team together, facilitate collaboration to work in tandem with other departments for smooth business workings and avoid workplace conflicts or chaos.

  1.       Focus and resilience

If there’s anything that hinders a leader’s progress from bringing business to spotlight, it is distraction. When a CEO is unable to concentrate and focus on achieving specific goals, the business gets stagnated without no meaningful improvements seen. Resilience is the key to success and the essential skill needed from every CEO.

When efforts are made but the results are far from satisfying, it is required of the CEOs to be resilient and keep going on with focus, until they reach the set business goals.

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