The Secret to Creating a Highly Engaged Workforce (Infographic)

March 2, 20167:50 am1289 views

When it comes to engaged companies versus disengaged companies, there is one critical difference: how they approach employee feedback. Employee communication — from performance reviews to engagement surveys to employee recognition — is the basis for a highly engaged workforce.

The infographic below — created by Quantum Workplace, a company dedicated to providing every organisation with quality engagement tools that guide their next step in making work better every day — shows just how necessary employee communication is in creating a top-notch employee experience and a highly engaged workforce. Some highlights include:

  • The top feedback tools becoming more important to highly engaged companies include performance management programs, recognition programs, and annual employee surveys.
  • Disengaged companies are 15x more likely to never have administered an employee survey, compared to highly engaged companies.
  • Employees whose managers follow up with them following an employee engagement survey are 12x more likely to be engaged the following year.
  • Only 13% of employees receive monthly or quarterly progress updates.

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Take a look at the full infographic below to find out the main communication differences between engaged and disengaged companies — and what to do about it.

QW Infographic Most Engaged

Have you implemented any of these employee communication strategies?

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