Signs That Your Employees Are Leaving

October 17, 201310:40 am1046 views
Signs That Your Employees Are Leaving
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You’ve gone through the tedious hiring process to get suitable employees to fill the positions. Money and time have been spent just to train him or her for that job. At this point, you cannot do without him or her!

The greatest nightmare of all employers comes when essential employees decides to resign. Imagine your star player leaving, how disastrous that can be. You have got to spend all the time and effort to look for another person as a replacement and repeat the training process again.

Here are some signs that your employees are leaving. Lookout for these signs so that you can act before it’s too late!!!

1)       Better dressing

When your employee who comes to office every day in casual attire suddenly comes dressed formally could be a sign. There’s a probability that he or she is dressed for job interviews.

2)       Taking more phone calls

Taking more phone calls than usual. He wishes for more privacy when taking calls and speaks in a hushed tone. He could be on the phone with his prospective employer.

3)       Clearing desk

It may be normal to tidy your desk daily to put things in order. Someone who wants to leave may be clearing his desk to the extent of clearing personal belongings.

4)       Taking time off

Taking sick leave without the slightest evidence that he is sick? This employee of yours could be making use of the time off that he is entitled to before he leaves.

5)       Losing interest

The once productive and motivated worker no longer has the drive could mean that he is planning to leave. Quality of work declines and lots of mistakes show that he is not as passionate about his work as before.

6)       Keeping to himself/herself

When someone is thinking of leaving, he makes less effort to interact with fellow colleagues. He does not hang out with his colleagues like he once did.

Having employees leaving the company can affect the company substantially. When these signs are clearly observed, you have to decide whether you want that employee to remain in your company. If you wish for him or her to stay, speak to them earlier so that there is a higher chance of retention.


Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.