On-boarding Best Practices Revealed!

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On-boarding Best Practices Revealed!
Make sure the new hires stays Onboarding best practices

Working as an HR in a company might be very emotional for an individual. With all the stress, the drama and the paper works, it is indeed one of a kind experience for a person. Being also in this department teaches you not to expect too much from applicants and employees. Don’t keep your hopes high so that you won’t get disappointed in the end.


It is a common scenario in an HR department that despite all your efforts in trying to recruit the best of the bests, newbies doesn’t seem to care at all. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work out.


There is this misconception from people outside HR that once they’re hired and have accepted the position, they are locked in and committed. However, accepting all angles in the new job has a very big impact for both the company and the employee.


The following are a few tips in maintaining good relationship with your new hires and also establishing excellent relationship with the HR department:


  1. Employee lunch. Lunch may sound so common and so simple. However by just offering or giving a new employee lunch can mean a lot. This can also be an avenue for a getting to know the team for the new employee.  You can take this chance to welcome the new employee to the team and also brief him with the company’s vision, mission and the people behind it. By doing this, your new employee will feel he is welcomed and everybody is there to help him.


  1. Setting expectations. For the new employee to know where he or she stands, it is better to set his expectations as early as possible. So that there will be no assumption and there will be lesser ground for errors.


  1. Make them feel welcomed. Being a newbie to a company is said to be one of the most difficult things an employee has to feel. Of course, new office, new workmates, new bosses. The employee doesn’t know anybody to talk to or to ask help from. Making them welcome can mean a lot to them and can motivate them to do good in what they do for everybody around him is there by his side to guide him and to watch over him.


  1. Don’t be so bookish. There are times that following the employee handbook verbatim can lead you into confusion and can make you feel very restricted. There are some entries in the handbook that needs to be followed verbatim. However there’s a lot that you can alter or not follow whole-heartedly. We are not teaching you to be rebellious or what, it’s just that you really have to be careful which entry to follow.


  1. Always be ready. Technical issues and logistical issues may arise in an expected time. Always be ready with a solution so that no other work will get compromised.


  1. Facility tour. In order to make the newbie feel at ease, give him a facility tour. In this manner, he will get familiarized with the whole site, the office facilities and also the people who operate them.


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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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