Motivate Your Employee

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Motivate Your Employee
motivate your employee

For HR management staff motivation is quite challenging as motivation is oftentimes a matter of personal attitude. For instance, there are workers that are self-motivated to work hard simply because they are driven by their personal responsibilities; while others choose to remain whiners and put the blame on everyone else for their lack of motivation to work and perform. But there is also that time when the workplace culture and pressing challenges seem to be the reason why even the best employees often “dry out” of energy and enthusiasm to go on and perform well. It’s now time for HR management to get creative and find new ways to keep their workers motivated.

Make your employees feel they are real partners of the business

Contrary of what some may believe where employees do not want to take bigger part in work responsibilities, the reverse is true. Employees are motivated when it is impressed to them how much their work contribution is helping the company to grow. By building in them a “sense of ownership” even in the small tasks they do, it will stir deep down motivation to take on the challenge. Keep on highlighting their strength and explain why they were chosen to fulfill some assignments. If you express this will confidence and trust then they feel appreciated and not just a dumpsite for more work.

Impart that the comfort zone is actually a danger zone

We all long to arrive at a place where we are comfortable, but HR management knows it too well that once an employee is locked within the boundaries of his comfort zone then his growth stops. This message needs to be imparted among employees and managers alike. Managers must be confident enough to trust their workers to take on bigger challenges even if the long term outcome means new assignment in another department. Some managers may see this as a risk, but the greater risk is giving the worker the feeling of boredom or burnout at the place he is in.

Don’t leave employees in the dark

Organizations, through their HR management, sometimes fail to communicate to their workforce the vision of the company, the big picture and whatever is in-progress. Some workers that may already be in the verge of jumping ship may find new reasons to stay if they feel that they are part of something big that is coming up. It is much better for the organization when employees actively share their vision as it strengthens the capacity of the organization to grow.

Treat employees with respect

In dealing with an employee issue it’s important to address it in a straightforward yet respectable manner without forgetting that he or she is an adult and not a child. Refrain from communicating disappointment that seem more like a personal attack than a sincere intention to address a work issue. In the end, the employee must feel the remorse but still be inspired to correct the wrong doing.

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