Majority India’s Population Suffering from Stress despite High Workplace Wellness Score: Study

July 12, 20181:25 pm2520 views

Today’s pressures and demands of modern life has made stress and anxiety a common mental health among people across the globe, including India’s population. Recent survey commissioned by Cigna TTK Health Insurance found that stress levels seem to be relatively high in India compared to other nations, both developed and emerging ones.

Majority, or about 89 percent, population in India admitted that they are suffering from stress compared to the global average of 86 percent. However, despite the finding, nearly 75 respondents said they do not feel comfortable talking to a medical professional about their mental condition. The cost was cited to be one of the barriers that made them reluctant to visit professional mental health services, India Times reports.

When asked about the key reasons of the stress, most respondents said work and finances as the source of their constant worry and anxiety. Interestingly, the survey also found that workplace wellness overall scored high in the study, with about half respondents saying they have received supports and are actively participating in a workplace wellness programme.

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The workplace environment plays an important role in the health and wellbeing of an employee. The CEO of Cigna TTK Health Insurance, Prasun Sikdar stressed the importance for corporations to manage workplace stress, and how employers can help by including health and wellness programmes in every employee’s benefits package.

“Employers can offer practical solutions such as flexi-hours or stress management programmes that include mental wellness. These benefits can boost employee confidence and make them feel that their role in the workplace is really #Future Assured. At the end of the day, good health equals good business,” he said.

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