Keeping Up Employee Morale during High Turnover

November 3, 20157:54 am740 views

Almost every company goes through a period of high turnover. During that time, most likely employees morale are very low. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid turnover, as turnover is even more prevalent plague during a company’s infancy.

In order to retain valuable employees and lure in top-notch talent, you need to be able to beat the negative nuance in the work environment.

Jason Lucash, co-founder of OrigAudio, mentioned a few budget-friendly ways to keep your employees happy and engaged even when the tides are tough.

1. Recognise employees’ achievements

During company meetings, try to set aside some time at the end to bring to light the great work your staff is doing to help in your company’s success. You can also use this time to open up the floor for employees to praise and give thanks to fellow colleagues on their assistance with closing big deals or even smaller tasks like fixing the office’s temperamental copy machine.

Yes, there are many opportunities during the day-to-day activities to recognise employees’ hard work. Little words of encouragement may be awkward, so feel free to send your team emails of appreciation when they are on top of their game.

ot really sure of what exactly is going on a daily basis at your office and with your staff? Make recognising stellar work a bit easier for yourself and have your team update you on their achievements. It not only helps you stay informed on the daily happenings, but it also helps your employees highlight their body of work for you when it comes time for year-end salary discussions.

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2. Host in-house company events

Treat your employees to a couple of hours of freedom from the hustle and bustle of their work by letting them relax and enjoy each other’s company. Some companies shy away from events because they often think it will have to be an extravagant and expensive affair. Well, it is so not true!

There are many inexpensive activities that will encourage your team to band together outside of doing their job duties. Schedule an afternoon hike or put together a bake off. Volunteering at a local soup kitchen or food bank is also a great way to strengthen your team while helping out your local community as well.

3. Empower your employees

Micromanaging your employees only causes them to diminish their ownership of their work. That means if something goes wrong at any time with their projects, your employee will feel less compelled to take responsibility.

Trust that your employees are capable of making day-to-day decisions without 24/7 supervision, and when they do need your help or guidance, they will come to you for it. When employees have autonomy in their jobs, they are more prone to take greater pride in their work and treat it with better care since they know that it will ultimately be a reflection on them.

Bottom line

At the end of the day, turnover is never good news for any company — no matter how big or small of a company. Most employees will see turnover as a bad sign and may look for the nearest exit. However, with a little creativity and genuine care for its employee’s happiness, a great company can overcome it! Do not let the company’s best assets to leave, especially during these hard times.

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