Indian Millennials Under-prepared and Unsatisfied with Their First Job

January 17, 201812:57 pm1709 views

Common belief said that millennials are in a hurry to find and get settled with their dream jobs. Unfortunately, however, the latest survey by suggested that when these young employees have to face challenges in their new job, they easily get disheartened or even back out from the field they have chosen.

Entitled as ‘MyFirstJob’, the research noted that millennials in India (those aged 18 to 34) are craving for career progression. But ironically, candidates were likely to stay at a particular job only if it offered better career prospects in the longer run, as 29 percent exiting their job in less than one year, The Indian Express reports.

There are various reasons why young graduates choose to leave their first job within such short period. Among the top indicators are because they found themselves under-prepared to take the role (60 percent), the respondents moved on to seek for better professional growth and work opportunities (60 percent), and they felt opportunities to upskill themselves were missing in the company (37 percent). Additionally, about 37 percent respondents cited domain expertise as a key challenge in their first job, while the other 16 percent believed they could get better compensation.

Besides those factors, it seems that the challenges with bosses, along with the lack of mentorship have emerged as top reasons that prompt millennials to quit their first job. While financial reason remains crucial, young employees expect to gain constant feedbacks and support from the managers that will help them gain both personal and professional development.

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The survey also gives an idea about the common mistakes candidates might felt during their first job interview. Among the top three mistakes include not asking enough questions (33 percent), not knowing much about the potential employer (28 percent), and focusing too much on salary (19 percent).

Regarding to this finding, Managing Director & CEO at Tech Mahindra, CP Gurnani shared his insights and suggestions for jobseekers, “One should always do a thorough research on the job, the company and the industry and even find details about the interviewer before an interview. This not only will help in increasing the chances of the interview turning positive, but also tell you if that is the right job one is looking for.

It is important to measure one’s strengths and weaknesses, doing the homework rather than focusing on mapping your on-paper qualification to the job description. At the end of the day, a degree functions no better than a passport for the interview but does not impact the outcome of the interview,” he added.

Meanwhile, despite growing up in a world where digitalization is a norm, apparently the definition of success remains traditional even for millennials. The survey found that 32 percent respondents believed developing new skills and capabilities to advance their career is the number one parameter of being success. The rest will be meeting goals set by bosses, as well as feeling contented about going to work.

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