Indian Employees More Likely to Switch Jobs than Others

April 16, 20189:20 am621 views

Having the second highest population in the world after China makes India’s workforce is among the largest globally. Not only abundant human resource in numbers, Indian labour force has the quality too. Indian workers are often considered as one of the most efficient and hard-working set of human resources in the entire world.

However, recent study suggested that there is a declining commitment levels among Indian employees. More and more workers in the country are planning to leave their jobs in less than two years, demonstrating sharp drop in comparison to the global average.

According to the 2015 Michael Page India Employee Intentions report, a staggering 82 percent, or 4 in 5 employees, have admitted that they plan to switch their jobs in the next 12 months. In fact, as much as 73 respondents surveyed said that they have been invited to various interviews during the last 12 months, meaning that they have been undergoing a job search while being employed.

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Seeing from the employees’ points of view, this trend could indicate that there is growing confidence among job seekers that the job market is going so strong and healthy at a given that everybody is sure about moving on and changing jobs. Meanwhile, these findings must be saddening for the employers’ side, as they must have planned long-term employment with their top performers.

Another study initiated by the Randstad Workmonitor 2017 revealed that more than 30 percent, or 1 out of 3 Indian staff, had changed jobs in the previous six months. This figure is far higher than most other countries across the globe. Only half (50 percent) Indian respondents chose to stay with the same employers, Times of India reports.

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