How to Build a Strong Talent Pipeline within Organisations?

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Current fluctuations in the recruitment market demand for a stable and strong talent pipeline within organisations. Regardless of the economic conditions, most organisations are confronted with the challenge of finding enough qualified candidates to effectively meet job requirements.

There is nothing more frustrating than to allow a potential talent to leave the company, when there is dearth of quality candidates in the database to be chosen for the job role.

Here’s where succession planning plays a pivotal role in the HR realm. As job market continues to improve, the competition for talent only gets stiffer. This requires much greater focus on effective ways to spark growth and build a talent pipeline in place.

To maintain a sustainable talent pipeline that withstands all market conditions, HR managers should:

  • Always look for only qualified candidates

The search for top talent is a never ending process and successful recruiters can vouch for this statement. The same hold true in case of staffing, wherein you will never have enough qualified candidates in your database.

Recruiters are always supposed to be on keen lookout for talent to meet not just the current job requirements but future job roles as well.

If a candidate may not be fit for the appropriate job role, doesn’t mean the profile has to be dismissed. Recruitment could spring up tomorrow and you might need to contact this candidate again in future. If a candidate was treated respectfully, then there are fair chances of welcoming a positive response when contacted about a job opening.

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  • Always ask for referrals

Referrals are another critical component to build up your talent database. This ensures long-term success of the company and less dependability on a particular staffer, which means all are treated equally and no employee is indispensable.

The recruitment manager can further seek for referrals from each employee within the company to grow talent pool of qualified candidates.

Too often recruiters forget to ask employees or prospective candidates, if they know someone whom they think is a perfect fit for the job role. This simple question can help meet the current and future talent shortage scenario.

  • Recruitment through engaging and interactive content

Many organisations are now seriously engaging with employees by focusing on their online presence and inbound marketing process to boost their recruitment efforts.

Engage candidates on your company website through useful content in the form of blogs, or articles on website and social media channels. Career advice, techniques of interview, job statistics will be interesting information t engage passive candidates on the company website.

  • Viral recruitment through social media

Social media engages visitors by putting your firm at the forefront of industry information. Passive job seekers can engage with social media related content for regularly published information and stay in touch with potential candidates, gain referrals and visibility through viral sharing.

  • Inspire candidates with your success narratives

Prospective talent always want to engage with winners in the industry. Most company websites and social media channels do not portray successes of a company in the positive light.

Herein testimonials from clients, candidates play a key role to set a quantifiable track record of the satisfaction of applicants. Candidates are more likely to work with your organisation and recommend referrals after a thorough public reference check.

Building a talent pipeline needs mentoring and training to groom candidates for succession planning and change to another suitable job role, wherein candidate’s skills, aptitude and passion for the job matches requirements. Pulling candidates to surface, especially the passive ones is a never ending exercise – the more you dig, the deeper you seek implies here.

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