How to Be More Organised and Confident in Your New Job Role in 2017?

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So you have given your best shot to succeed on the big project last year and eventually you get a promotion for the job role you have envisioned for a long time. In the New Year, you start the day with a new job as well. While this sounds great, even for the slightest, there must be a kind of anxious feeling about your new job role.

What should I do? Am I really suitable for the job and competent to do it? What if I fail? If these questions ever cross your mind, relax. You are not alone, as most people in the same shoes will feel the same. Getting a new job role is not only exciting, but also a daunting experience.

Although it would not be as nerve-wrecking as your first day at work, there would a sense of anticipation when someone is given bigger responsibility or different position from what they usually do. Nevertheless, despite everything you might feel, the show must go on.

You should confront all those fears and begin to make an impact right away. If you need some insights on how to be more organised and confident in your new job role, here are several tips for you:

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Believe in yourself

One thing that often makes people worry about their new job role is that they do not trust their own ability. Therefore, all you need to do is lift your head and tell yourself ‘I can do it.’ Say it over and over again, until a sense of confidence is built in your soul. Remember if you could get to your current position and reflect on how you could achieve it. Then, if you could do it yesterday, why not now?

Be realistic

This might sound contradicting the previous point. However, there are times when you have to stop blindly believing anything and keep it real. Admit to yourself that you cannot do everything alone, sometimes everything is beyond your reach.

Rather than troubling yourself with unrealistic and too ambitious goals, it would be better for you to set more attainable goals so you can control and organise them easily.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

If you recognise your strength, then you can manage and channel them better to carry out better business plans. On the contrary, if you know your shortcomings, you can make improvements as well, so everything goes according to the plan.

Seek courage from others

Reach out to co-workers, colleagues, or supervisors who can always support you, boost your mood when you feel down, and help you to succeed in your new job role. There are always people who do not like you, no matter what you do, people who are always jealous of your achievements and they tend to be bashing your work.

Do not waste your time on them. Remember that there are still more people who have your back when you fall.

Ask for feedback

Be proactive. Do not wait until someone comes complaining that your work flawed or comes praising your perfect work. Ask for feedback and constructive suggestions along the way.

It means that you have keen interest and are serious about your job. Instead of wondering whether you have done it correctly or not, it would be better for you to ask the supervisor directly. This way, you will get a better sense of your own performance and fix any inadequacies.

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