[Employee Retention Tips] 10 Ways to Retain an Employee

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[Employee Retention Tips] 10 Ways to Retain an Employee
10 Ways to Retain an Employee

All organizations, big or small are always faced with the challenge of employee retention; fast employee turnover is becoming a major expenditure for many companies with recruiting and training eating of most of the human resource department’s budget. Likewise the danger of inconsistent quality of work will eventually take a toll on the overall productivity of the company. If what you already have in your organization are great talents then motivating them to stay for the long haul would be a constant struggle unless you know what to do. Keep in mind that one of the objectives of human resource  management is to make sure that theirs is a working environment worthy of each talent’s loyalty to the company.

#1 – Never take their professional goals for granted. The best talents keep their professional goals in check, usually on a specific timetable. This is also favorable to the company because as talents fulfill their goals they become more productive at work.

#2 – Become a healthy source of challenge. Simply means, give them the opportunity to prove their worth. This is also a good way to determine in an unbiased manner whether a new promotion is called for.

#3 – Be a company that they can built a stable career on. There are several factors how a talent decides to stay in a company, one is the assurance that promising and life-long career is possible there.

#4 – Create a “family culture” without the sibling rivalry. At best, keep the professional competition among talents healthy and constructive.

#5 – Be a badge of their honor. Give them valid reasons to be proud of your company, so intense that the feeling resonates in the way they talk about you making outsiders want to work in your company.

#6 – Reward good attitude. Personal development follows good attitude. Likewise an office-full of employees with good attitude creates a cheerful and healthy vibe.

#7 – Paint the handcuffs gold. Keep your share of the bargain on their talents by giving them above market rates and incentives. This is a clear sign of your appreciation to their contribution to the company. If this is well demonstrated they will surely return the favor by working harder.

#8 – Let them flap their own wings. Allowing your employees to make their own decisions and take responsibility in their own choices will help improve their critical thinking that is also sure to benefit the company in the long run.

#9 – Keep an open line of communication. Be the boss that your talents can openly talk to without prejudice to their thoughts and opinions.

#10 – Do not be overly tolerant of bad behavior and bad employees. Show you mean business by making sure everyone understands the quality of work you expect from them. Nothing mocks the efforts of a hardworking talent than to be with lazy and lame co-workers.

Employee retention is easily addressed when organizations treat each talent with professional care and respect. The more you give to them, the more of their good work and loyalty will come back to you.

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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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