Employee Retention: Creating a good office environment for employees

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Employee Retention: Creating a good office environment for employees
Creating a good environment for employees

It is a fact that when talents apply for work they look for a company that has a culture they can grow in professionally. Just as it is not easy for the Human resource manager head and to run the process of recruitment, the talent is not too happy as well jumping from one job to another. The process is just too laborious and costly to both parties yet both have a goal of finding the right match.

Human resource managers know the value of company investment that it must have a good return. Therefore building up a good workforce does not stop and end at recruitment. The bigger challenge is retention. How should HR managers cope? In order to keep your eye on the goal work on improving the work environment to retain the best talents.

When the best candidate has finally been chosen for the job, the next best thing is for that talent to stay in the company for a long time. After all, the best talents will help catapult the organization to its growth. Creating a culture of healthy work environment is likewise a work-in-progress, it must have a set objectives and success factors if it is to become part of employer branding.

Make new learnings something to look forward to

Engrain in your workers minds that new learnings are their armaments for new work challenges, and successfully working on new challenges means a big possibility of promotion. If explained this way, workers will look forward to training sessions and conferences; in essence they’d be one skill richer, in that the more they know the more they secure their own jobs. Likewise when workers are adept in a new skill you’d feel more confident in allowing them to try on a new project or explore new ideas.

Build a workforce of best talents

Recruitment costs a lot of time and money, so much so that when you hire the wrong talent you’ve wasted more company resources than what was spent on the process of recruitment itself. Not only is the wrong talent unable to work productively in an environment that doesn’t fit him or her but the displeasure of his or her company will resonate in your department, thereby affecting how other people work. Even in the midst of despair in filling up a job position be careful in selecting the right talent.

Respect the different work personalities and attitudes of your workers

Each individual has his or her own style of effective work; as long as the job gets done there is no reason to question those styles. Work styles, especially for the young workers are influenced by a lot of things; they are more out-of-the-box compared to the veterans at work. Be open and allow your workers to share new and better ways of doing things. With so many new tools available to use at work no one person can know them all.  Being open and accepting of different work styles will also encourage them to explore new ideas and techniques that will eventually benefit their productivity.

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