Companies with the Best Employee Experience Practices You Can Learn From

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Companies with the Best Employee Experience Practices You Can Learn From
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Human capital improves productivity and profitability. The more organizations invest in their employees, the more they will see an increasing bottom line. Some of the world’s most successful companies take extensive effort to maintain a positive company culture that nurtures great employee experience. If you want to follow the lead, take a look at how these 3 companies are building a great employee experience. If you are a talent looking to find the best place to work, these stories can give you insight on what a good employee experience looks like. Read on!

Employee Experience in Basecamp

Basecamp is a software development company well-known for its positive corporate cultures in the IT industry. Basecamp is recognized for being transparent and vocal about their corporate principles and processes. They also make their employee handbook available for anyone to read. Here are some of interesting employee experiences they offer:

  • Summer Hours

Everyone would love a short getaway to catch some sun and have fun in nice weather. Facilitating this need, Basecamp provides a great employee experience program called “Summer Hours”. From May 1 until August 31, Basecamp employees are only required to work 32 hours each week. This way, they can use some extra time for a short getaway without risking their paycheck. Sounds fun?

  • Sabbatical Leave

Basecamp understands that taking some well-deserved time away from work is a good way to celebrate an employment milestone. Thus, they provide a sabbatical leave option for their loyal employees. For every three years, employees can get a 30 days of sabbatical leave. There are plenty of benefits on sabbatical leave to boost employee experience. Read more about sabbatical leave policy here.

  • Employee Profit Sharing

Basecamp aims to actively include employees in the company’s financial success. It gives up 10% of annual revenues to be distributed to employees through profit sharing. Employees who have been with the company for a longer period of time are entitled to a bigger portion of the allocated profit.

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Employee Experience in Eddy

Eddy is a relatively new startup that offers HR solutions, but their newness does not stop them from taking things seriously, especially when it comes to employee experience. 

  • Healthy yet Tasty Daily Meals

Many companies have given a lunch budget for employees, but issues persist during lunchtime. Employees often end up eating unhealthy meals or spending time waiting in lengthy queues for food. To prevent all of this, Eddy offers lunch for their staff every day, with a specialized chef to ensure healthy yet tasty meals.

  • Eddy Spirit Weeks

In annual events or celebrations, Eddy holds a series of events called Spirit Week. This is where employees get to enjoy games and dress ups at the office. Spirit Week includes more than just dressing up; it often involves activities or rewards related to that particular day. Simple things excite employees, especially if your company prioritizes employee experience, like Eddy does.

  • Employee Award with Rewards

Rewarding employees for their efforts is an essential part of employee experience. At Eddy, these prizes are distributed via a one-of-a-kind approach. Employees can earn Maverick Points on a monthly basis. These points are awarded based on the amount of work completed during the month. When an employee accumulates enough points, they may be redeemed at Eddy’s own Mavericks Store for footwear, electronics, experiences, and a variety of other goods.

Employee Experience in HubSpot

Voted as “The Best Place to Work in 2020” by Glassdoor, HubSpot sets an interesting example of how they give good employee experience. HubSpot boasts its transparency among employees. Transparency is their key principle, and they remain steadfast on it. Employees can access the annual financial projection, the business balance sheet, or notes and deck from an executive meeting. Here are some nice employee experience programs in HubSpot:

  • “Use good judgment” policy

Hubspot has a policy of “Use Good Judgment.” This is a policy that encourages employees to do whatever is best for the company and its customers. This three-word policy is applied extensively, including their social media policy, clothing code, and sick day policy, among other things. Employee experience is reflected very well though this policy, since this allows flexibility as long as it helps improve the overall satisfaction of both the company and customers.

  • Independent Achiever

Hubspot has created a results-driven culture that encourages its employees to be independent achievers. In practice, this implies that the company is unconcerned with the amount of hours employees work, where they work, or how many vacation days they take. The outcomes are what is important at Hubspot. Instead of worrying about workplace politics, they may just finish their work and go home. This policy provides exceptional autonomy to high-performing employees. 

There is no “one size fits all” strategy to enhance employee experience; what may work in these companies may not work in yours. Nonetheless, it is always a good idea to take a look into what others do to get inspired. All that matters is how your company treats its employees, especially as an HR manager that is responsible for the wellbeing of employees. Make sure that you give the best employee experience in ways that are doable and beneficial according to your business operation. Treat your employees well and you can see exceptional improvement for your overall company and business practice. 

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