Avoid These Mistakes To Retain Employees

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Avoid These Mistakes To Retain Employees
Avoid these mistakes to retain employees

Organizational leaders are so nervous about the mystery behind the reimbursements, costs, changing delivery models, etc. And because of these issues, most of the time, employee engagement and welfare are at risk and is often neglected.


Are you curious about employee engagement risks? Well, here are some mistakes you must avoid to retain top employees:


  1. Conflict with the internal and external brands. The marketing department is expected to do great in conveying and relaying message of care and concern to the community. But who is taking care of relaying these messages to the employees in the marketing department? Employees have the right to know that you appreciate and care about the contributions they are giving.


  1. Under communication. Many companies all over the world are so afraid of sharing important information about what the future holds for the company. There are 2 reasons behind that.


One is that they do not trust their employees enough to use the information wisely and second, it might lead to several unexpected circumstances such as attrition. There are a lot of times that what you don’t know won’t hurt you. What your employees do not know won’t hurt them and the company.


  1. Neglecting your mission when diversifying. Most healthcare providers have the vision and mission of helping employees in times of medical needs. As the healthcare organizations expand, make sure that the vision and mission is never set aside. If you selected your team well, your team members will still believe in you and will continue doing their work towards the said mission.


  1. Leave HR out of executive level meetings. Doesn’t matter what the size of your organization, you might not have an HR leader at the executive level. Remember that the people in your organization are really your biggest asset, it is critical to have an HR representative in a strategic planning meet or whenever big decisions are made. Someone from the board members must be the one to proactively think about the implications every decision might imply to the company’s human capital.


  1. Too many and conflicting priorities. Handling a company can often times be stressful. Leaders, as well as employees, might get stressed out from all the new, different, important and externally and internally driven priorities. Because of the overwhelming things that are needed to attend to, it is almost impossible to keep up. Sometimes thinking about stopping and not doing anything about an issue or priority can definitely give you more space to breathe and more time to think over more important matters.


  1. Expect that employee engagement can be independent while you focus on everything else. Employee management drives every key metric that you measure such as safety, quality, satisfaction, etc. You really cannot deny the fact that you need to look after them.


However, for many organizations, the only employee engagement that is being talked about here is that when the annual survey has been conducted.


Everything is in your hands now. So what mistakes will you avoid and how will you maximize the employee engagement to get more positive results?


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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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