Altering Perspectives: Getting Inspired from Negative Feedbacks

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Imagine a scenario wherein you are delegated to handle a large-scale complex project. Despite all time and energies being invested into a project, at the end of the day you still get a negative feedback from your supervisor. Relax, negative feedbacks do not mean the end of the world. Rather than letting yourself down, feeling defeated and angry, this is the time to wake up and feel inspired.

Dealing with the fact that you did receive negative feedbacks, despite all your efforts is not an easy thing to handle. It becomes more difficult when you feel that you have given your best performance and are still getting critically reviewed. No wonder, sometimes undesirable reviews do discourage you, from striving for better achievements instead.

All you need to remember is that negative feedbacks in itself, does not mean that you are a poor performer or your career is going downhill. Everyone has ups and downs in their jobs, so do you. Rather than blaming yourself (or maybe others) for it, you should alter the perspective and allow criticisms to sink in your mind. Managing negative reviews the right way holds the key to success. Possibly your attitude of dealing with criticism in a positive light could transform you for the better.

If you need some encouragement, here are some ways you can get inspired from negative feedbacks:

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Take a deep breath

Do not lose your calm when you receive a negative feedback from your superior. The first and foremost thing you should do is take a deep breath and relax. When the feedback is delivered face-to-face, calmly wait until your supervisor finishes and focus on what they are trying to say. Do not build up a defensive attitude as it will only worsen the situation.

If the feedback is delivered in a written form, take some time to pause after reading them. When you have calmed down, write back to your boss with a thank you note for the feedback delivered. When your boss delivers negative feedbacks (both oral and written), ask your seniors for solutions to overcome shortcomings by providing constructive feedback as well.

Act sensibly

Do not be caught off guard and let your emotion mount up, or else you will lose control of the whole situation. While you might need to defend yourself, you should act sensibly and not do anything excessive. Make sure to act, not just react.

If you are given an opportunity to present your reasons or refute your boss, do it politely so there will no prolonged problem in the future. Instead of showing defiance, it would be wise if you comply with them for the moment.

Make a plan

When you have stayed calm and acted sensibly, the next step is to make a plan. When you receive negative feedback, something might be wrong with your job. You are not always right, so is your boss. This is the right time for you to evaluate your method of working. Make a tangible plan that will make you a better employee.

Sketch out an attainable goal, month and year. Observe the root cause of the problems that lead you to negative feedbacks and criticism, see if you can work to improve upon your strengths. When you know what the real problem is, only then can you think of a way out.


Learn from past mistakes. When you have discovered the root cause of the problems and collected the tools that will help improve your personal growth, all that is left now is on how to make it work. You should evaluate your own performance, to assess whether you have been on the right track or not.

Receiving thumbs down from your boss is never a pleasant experience. However, this does provide you an opportunity to gauge your own quality and make improvements on it. The main hack to handle this situation is by changing your perspective and turning the negative reviews to positive ones in the future.

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