4 Things to Do When You Are Unhappy with Your Job

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4 Things to Do When You Are Unhappy with Your Job
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Let’s be honest: you can be unhappy with your job at times. There are various reasons behind one’s job dissatisfaction, such as a toxic work environment, low remuneration, poor work relationship, or heavy workload. If you ever feel guilty for being unhappy at work despite millions losing jobs during the pandemic, know that you are not alone in this situation. A report by Microsoft “Work Trend Index 2021 showed that 41% of the global workforce consider quitting their jobs due to exhaustion and overworking. 

Now, the question remains: how should you handle these unhappy feelings? Here are four things you can do when you are  dissatisfied with your job:

Reflect on yourself

First of all, find out the reasons why you feel unhappy. Sometimes this feeling only occurs for a short period of time due to boredom, but it is always better to anticipate any hidden, more serious issues. Ask yourself to understand what aspect of your job makes you hesitant in going to work. Try to remember when you started to lose interest in your job and recall what made you feel that way. Some common factors include too much workload, toxic workmates, demanding bosses, or even external factors. Interestingly, it is also possible that you are unhappy about your job because you are uncertain about what you truly want. Thus, it can be challenging to feel satisfied or fulfilled if you have no idea about what you are actually looking for. 

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Take some time off

Regardless of what may have caused your dissatisfaction at work, improving your mental wellbeing can help fix the issue. Your personal life has a significant influence on how you see a career. Finding contentment and passion outside of your workplace may offer you a much brighter outlook within the office. Take a few days off to retreat from work matters, away from mundane routine. Sometimes, you do not realize that you have been overworking until you do not have to work. By taking some time off, you may also figure out whether your unhappiness is due to lack of rest or other causes. When you have less on your plate, you can have a clearer mind to decide what you are going to do with your feelings. 

Set up a meeting with your HR manager

If it turns out that the main issue roots deeply into losing passion or actually taking a wrong career path, then you have to come up with plans. This should not be translated into filing a resignation right away. Call your HR manager and ask for a formal meeting to talk about your future in the company. Unless you perform really terribly in your work, the HR manager will not want to let you go easily. A good HR manager may offer you an opportunity to switch roles or divisions, giving you a chance to work in a different environment that suits your passion better. While this is only one possibility out of many, it is a good way to start mapping out your overall career. 

Prepare for a change

If the talk with the HR manager does not help, you can always prepare an exit plan. Change can be scary, especially when it comes to career – but it could be the first step towards happiness. Moving to a different department or company does not guarantee a successful job. However, knowing that you have the ability to change the course of your own career may be enough to offer you joy at work. Prior to filing for a resignation, upgrade your CV and reach out to recruiters to discuss new job opportunities. Before leaving a job, make sure you have landed a new one. 

People can be unhappy with their jobs from time to time. The key to address this issue is to consider all aspects carefully and never rush into anything. Acknowledging that a certain job is not for you is an essential factor in defining what makes you happy. If you are prepared to step beyond your comfort zone for a bit, you may just find yourself in a job that makes you truly happy.

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