1 in 4 Employees in India Willing to Leave Current Job Despite High Employee Engagement

July 30, 20189:39 am1078 views

High employee engagement does not necessarily guarantee employee commitment and retention. Recent study by Mercer revealed that while majority of Indian employees are engaged with their work and willing to recommend it as a place to work, one in four would consider leaving their company if they are given new opportunity.

According to the Employee Engagement Index report, about 80 percent respondents feel engaged at work and 9 out of 10 employees said they are proud to work for the organisation. Nevertheless, despite the high levels of pride in their company and willingness to recommend it as a place to work, more than a quarter respondent admitted they would consider moving on if they had the chance.

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“While many employees in India tell us they are proud and motivated, far fewer see themselves as staying for the long haul with their current employer,” the report said.

The report also added that many employees are actively on the lookout for better compensation, linking it with performance and career advancement. It turned out that many employees feel they are not being fairly compensated for the job they do in their current workplace, The Times of India reports.

Covering 116 companies across India, the report noted that while 70 percent staff in India feel recognised for their efforts, about one in four employee feels that his or her skills are not utilised optimally. Compared to other Asia-Pacific countries, business leaders in India need to ensure that an individual’s role is structured to utilise those skills better.

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