Majority Indian Employees are Job Hopping, Motivations Vary: LinkedIn Survey

April 3, 20199:27 am2264 views

Monotonous working activity and lack of challenges seems to be a serious issue for workers nowadays, and this could lead to job hopping behaviour and put a risk for employee retention strategy. A survey commissioned by career platform LinkedIn suggested one in three professionals in India said they were ‘sleepwalking’ at work. In a survey conducted across 11 cities in the country, they admitted feeling stuck and unable to move forward, as if they are walking on a treadmill.

The ‘Career Pathways’ India survey found that majority (70 percent) respondents believed a healthy work-life balance is an important concern to continue with their existing jobs. However, interestingly, more than half (57 percent) professionals said they would take up jobs that fetch them a lot of money.

The survey also found that Indian employees are job hopping more than ever before, but the motivation for changing jobs could vary across different age groups. For example, Indian millennials tend to change jobs and careers frequently, moving from the conventional concept of long-term employment. On average, one third Indian millennials have had two jobs within the last five years.

Three in five millennials surveyed said they would consider switching careers, including job functions and companies. While almost half (44 percent) said they are only looking to switch companies, 30 percent considered even changing job functions. For instance, moving from the marketing domain to product management.

According to statistics, professionals were found to be job hopping the most, with up to 22 years. Meanwhile, younger professionals are more open to new opportunities, wanting a job change in organisations imparting knowledge that is willing to nourish them.

Another survey findings also revealed that while financial reason still matters for Indian workers, professionals in India are increasingly prioritising working in jobs that they love while making career choices. Over 73 percent of Indian professionals said they would choose a career of their choice while 53 percent said they prefer to opt for a job that fulfills them, Business Insider India reports.

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