Writing an Effective Job Ad

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Job advertisements can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as lengthy as an essay or as brief as a short note for a loved one. But if you are an employer and would like to hear a lot of responses from your job ad, yours should be a very appealing one.

Want to know how? Here are a few tips to remember before writing one:
1. Have an appealing job title. The most obvious and the easiest thing to do to increase the number of people who will be interested with your advertisement is to get an appealing job title. Internal job titles can sound like scientific names to others. So try to come up with a job title which can definitely explain or give a brief idea of what the job will look like however in a term that everyone can understand. Jargons should not be used.

2. Setting up the Job Structure. There is no perfect set up or a prescribed format in writing a job ad. However, there are just these elements that you just can’t neglect.
a. Introduction. This would have to be short yet very informative. Job seekers usually are in a rush to submit applications so they need to read advertisements in a very fast pace.
b. Roles and responsibilities. This is the heart of the advertisement. This should always be understandable by any applicants coming from all walks of life.
c. Personal specification. This should contain the skills, attributes and even personal preferences that you are looking for in an applicant. By being clear with this, you are technically trimming applications without speaking with them.
d. Compensation. This should also be highlighted. Of course, all applicants are after this. That’s the main reason why they are seeking for a job, to get compensated.
e. Company information. From location, to number of branches, operating hours and the nature of business, these are all needed to be seen by an applicant so that he or she will know where to go and what type of job he or she is about to deal with.
f. Next step to take. Now that your advertisement has caught an applicant’s attention, it is right to give the next steps to take like whom to get in touch with, what time does the recruitment start and so on, otherwise, your advertisement will just be a piece of nothing.

3. Entice your audience. Good grammar, good advertisement appearance and good sequencing of advertisement elements can lead to a lot of positive responses. Applicants are a lot wiser now. They just don’t go only with the contents and the offers the advertisement has, they are also after the appearance of the advertisement itself for it mirrors how the company is and what type of people are in that company. Job seekers nowadays also value their worth. You, as an employer should make them feel that what they have won’t be put into trash and that they are in good hands.


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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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