Winning Over Talent: How to Create Job Postings for Facebook?

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What come to your mind when you hear ‘Facebook’? More often than not, most people think of it as a place where you can tell the world your stories, post photos, share videos, or even stream live updates from your favourite artists. Then again, what if Facebook can be harnessed beyond social, to look at it as a tool to change how recruitment and sourcing talents works?

In today’s competitive and complex talent market, it is imperative for employers to stay posted of the dynamic change and meet demands of modern business. Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey 2015 highlights that 92 percent recruiters, who use social media for hiring purposes cast wider net than ever.

Most employers might see LinkedIn as the best platform when it comes to hiring through social media. Indeed, compared to LinkedIn’s features, Facebook might not be a typical job board to promote your company’s job openings. However, with more than 1.86 billion monthly active users, Facebook poses a great potential for largest talent pools across the world.

Social media has been the place where people spend most of their spare time. The latest survey by PEW Research Center notes that 69 percent Americans use social media on daily basis, with Facebook being the most-widely used social media channel.

Housing enormous records of personal profiles and information online, it is time you should recruit through Facebook and tap into more candidates. But all of them can only be achieved, when you know how to leverage your job postings on Facebook.

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Here’s how you create job postings for Facebook that works:

Post Directly on Facebook

Make sure that your company has already created a company page in the first place. The simplest way to post jobs is logging into the account and generating a new post. There are two ways you can advertise jobs.

First, you can directly write your job openings along with the title, requirements, and other necessary information. Make it as simple as possible, so people can skim through it easily. Second, you can copy and paste job posts from your company’s career page. Add couple of short sentences that inform your potential candidates about the vacancy.

Insert images and Videos

Most people have tendency to skip posts with long sentences in their newsfeeds. However, they draw attention to images and moving figures. Therefore, you should insert images or videos for your job postings. Use images that will ignite their interests to work with you, such as showing your office, with cool, warm and friendly company culture, or other unique perks.

Create engaging content that will make people know, how it looks like working with the company even before they become a part of it.

Use Facebook Features to Maximise Reach

When you post on Facebook, there will be two choices, Publish and Boost Post. If you have not set your social media budget yet, then you can hit Publish to get the job posting out to your followers. However, if you want more people to see your job ads, you can hit Boost Post.

For this feature, you will need to allocate minimum $5 for each post. When your company is in urgent need for hiring staffs, using sponsored Facebook ads can be an alternative to get qualified candidates in a short time.

Millions of people are logging into their Facebook accounts every day. They communicate, exchange stories, and engage with each other actively on the platform. By posting and advertising your job openings on Facebook, you can reach out to a wider audience, even the passive talent who are not on keen lookout for jobs.

Your future potential candidates might not actively search for jobs through job boards. But when they come across your job posting on Facebook, there is a good chance that you can fetch them to join your networks.

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