Winning Back Good Employees

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Winning Back Good Employees
Winning Back Good Employees

Unemployment is still a big issue not only for the country but for the rest of the world. Different factors affect this never-ending issue. There goes education, financial budget, job opportunities and many more.


The affected employees can represent a big pool of valuable and dependable talents. They are hidden gold and diamonds needed to be unearthed. It’s not their fault why they have to be unemployed but because of the economy. Having said that, these employees are very skilled when it comes to their very own field of expertise.


If you are a business owner and are thinking twice about hiring them, well, all I can say is don’t fear.


They might save you from spending lots of money when it comes to recruitment, trainings and other things that you would usually spend on rehires. They are already trained and skilled and needs only a few refreshers to jumpstart them.


If you are having a hard time winning them back, here’s a few tips that can help:

  1. Maintain constant communication. If you lost your best receptionist or your best cook because of the recession, well, don’t just let them go. Stay communicating with them so that when the time comes that you will be able to add numbers to your employees, you can right away ask them about the vacancy.
  2. Present more to the table. Since they have been your employee, you must be able to get their interests with the position by offering them more. These might be a higher pay than what they used to have, more vacation leaves, offering them the best shift available or a very flexible schedule. By making them feel that you are there on their side, they can definitely put you on top of their list again.
  3. Promotion. Usually those who got laid off because of the recession are the tenured ones. Making them part of your company again can definitely give you a whole lot more edge than your competitors. Don’t hesitate to offer them promotion if they are really deserving even if they were back with you for just a few months. Remember, they used to be the cream of the crop. They know what they are doing.
  4. Giving emphasis on culture. Making your employees what culture your company has might be your card in winning them back. Of course, those employees were once there and once enjoyed the culture. Making them feel that they are still welcomed and nothing has changed since they left can make them decide in working with you again.
  5. Address concerns. There are times that employees leave because of issues with their work environment. Try asking them that and assure them that actions will be taken. Make them comfortable again in working with you. Address all their concerns and acknowledge every suggestion. By doing this, you can definitely win them back.


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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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