What Does The HR Looks For In An Employee?

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What Does The HR Looks For In An Employee?
What Does The HR Looks For In An Employee?

If you are hunting for a long term job, you have to know the factors that the company you want to work with is looking for. This will help you win their trust and of course, get hired. In the long run, this will give you the edge to be in line with their expectations and possibly, will give you the promotion in a shorter range of time that you expected. Knowing these things will help you understand their matrix of job efficiency measurement and administrative style.

Two main factors in HR checklist

No matter where you work or what type of job you want to apply to, these are two common factors that any Human Resource wishes to see in their employees. These two factors are like a horse-and-a-carriage. One will not stand without the other. The administration calculates each factor upon the recruitment process.

These are:

  1. Skills. This means that you have the adequate knowledge about the job that you are applying for. Most companies will ask training certificates and diplomas to back up your claim of knowledge. For jobs which do not require college or high school diplomas, portfolios are asked as a proof.  To measure your skills further, you will be asked to do actual demonstration. A panel of critics from different ranks of the company will be your judges to determine if you will be hired or not.
  2. Attitude. Attitude towards the job is almost everything for some companies. You may not have the skills but, if you have a positive winning attitude, you can be on top of the game. This true for selling and hospitality jobs. The ability to cope with stress and do everything with grace in spite of the pressure is a stand out. Attitude towards work is assessed through examinations and background checking.

How does Human Resource measure skills?

When you walk in an HR office, HR personnel are already assessing you through how you walk and how you talk. Fortunately, they will not give conclusion according to their first impression on you. They need to see the following:

  1. Resume. Your resume says everything about your skills. Make it outstanding. Typically, HR personnel want resumes which are clear, clean and precise.
  2. Certificates and diplomas. These things will patent that you passed the examinations and was able to graduate from the course which you enrolled in.
  3. Portfolio. They need to see what you are capable of.
  4. Actual demonstration. You need to show them that you can deliver the product even under pressure.

How is attitude in the workplace being measured?

On the other hand, attitude is also important especially if you will be working with a team, department or clients. Here is how HR measures you:

  1. Personality test. This is done prior to recruitment.
  2. Probationary assessment. Usually, you are given six months to prove yourself. Attitude does not come out over night. It takes a long time to show itself. HR knows very well about this. So, after the probationary period, you will be given a passed or failed grade according to your behaviour. If you passed, there is an annual assessment of employees to update about their attitude. Some companies do it semi-annually to check if attitude of their staff is still within the company’s required character. Otherwise, they will be warned, or even get suspended.

Polish your skills and attitude if you are considering a long term job placement.


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Article Contributed by HR in Asia‘s Team.

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