Vietnamese Bank Favours Employee Recruitment with Same Family Name to Become Chairman

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A commercial Vietnamese Bank has taken the Internet by storm, with a public announcement made, it would provide preferential treatment to employees with the same family name to assume the position of Chairman.

The family name that required for an employee to assume the position of a Chairman is “Duong.” This candidate will be preferentially recruited for newly opened district-level branches of LienVietPostBank in provinces and cities across Vietnam.

The public release by LienVietPostBank went live on June 10, signed by Chairman Duong Cong Minh on the Bank’s official website. This was later removed after being criticized for unfair recruitment policy.

While it is common for established families in Vietnam to establish a “family council” and support its family members, cherish their traditions and perform acts that pay homage to ancestors.

Duong Cong Minh is also the deputy chairman of the Council of the Duong family, which explains his policy of granting jobs to familial members.

While Minh did not deny the official announcement, he told newswire VnExpress holding his stance, “The policy is only meant to prioritize the recruitment of Duong family members in needy and remote areas for the cash handling positions.”

A cashier in charge of receiving, counting and depositing money, Minh said, “can be well done by those with a high-school diploma. Despite this, the applicants must have a vocational certificate as a minimum requirement to benefit from the policy.”

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Later, LienVietPostBank issued a press release to give its official comment on the issue. Nguyen Duc Huong, spokesperson for the Bank said, “Duong Cong Minh did mention the priority recruitment policy, but only as the deputy chairman of the Duong family council, not as the chairman of LienVietPostBank.”

He further added: “As the LienVietPostBank boss, Duong has withdrawn such a policy, which means the bank now sticks to its recruitment rule, which does not favour members of the Duong family.”

In early 2015, another financial institution Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, better known as Agribank, made headlines by prioritising its family members in a recruitment campaign, Tuoitrenews Vietnam reported.

The official announcement on Agribank website stated, it would add 30 points out of an overall score of 100 for the family members of its employees when they took the recruitment tests.

These family members could include sons, daughters, daughter in-law and adopted children of the Agribank staff. This policy was later cancelled owing to negative feedback and comments from the public.

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