Use of AI Tools Will Help Recruiters Connect with the Right Talent in Singapore

October 31, 20161:16 pm775 views

In a tight labour crunch market, head hunters on lookout for new talent will soon be using Artificial Intelligence (AI) search optimisation tools, data analytics capabilities and talent mapping to get connected with the right talent.

With technology transforming the way recruitment works, the process has now been automated with ATS and other talent management softwares that help HR professionals to do away with the traditional recruitment agencies in their talent search.

The modern talent acquisition technology using AI tools is no longer reliant on human intervention and need for manual personality matching to make the best candidates meet the right job role. Also the time taken for the recruitment process is halved.

According to findings in MOM’s labour market Q2 report, more than 9,500 people were laid off from their jobs in the first six months of this year — the highest since the global financial crisis in 2009. Furthermore, for the first-time ever since June 2012, there were more people looking for work than the number of vacancies available. Seasonally adjusted, there were 93 job openings for every 100 job-seekers at the end of the second quarter, Today Online reports.

Candice Aw, chief executive and founder of Venn says, “When it comes to which criteria to include in a job listing to produce the best quality of hire, data can give you the answer. With the right data points, you can find out which skills, values and behaviours lead to a hire, who is likely to be a success in the organisation and remain in their position long-term.”

In an exclusive interview with us, James Galvin, Founder of TalentDash says, “Ensuring your sourcing strategy is active is key: sell the company, not just the job through effective employer branding; create brand advocates by putting in place a rewarding referral programme with current staff; be social (and not just your marketing team, but get all members of staff looped in on your social media strategy), and invest in effective technology to help you source and find key talent.”

“In today’s new world of recruitment, it is no longer enough to simply post job ads and wait for talent to come along,” Galvin added.

“Talent mapping, with the help of big data, is definitely the next step in recruitment technology. With talent mapping, recruiters can determine their candidate needs well in advance and develop a strategic plan for hiring long-term. This includes filling any skill gaps, bolstering the team for sudden changes in the workplace, or just simply having suitable talent in mind for the future. All of these, when prepared ahead of time, can save companies the trouble and time in future.”


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