Tracking High-quality Job Candidates through Digital Hiring

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Tracking High-quality Job Candidates through Digital Hiring
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Several high-profile candidates exist on social media platforms and career groups online. Many companies are on the lookout for hiring these great talents. As an employer, if you want some of these talents to see you, you will need to go the extra mile than just putting up a regular job advertisement on your page. If your company’s reputation already precedes itself, then attracting such high-quality talents may be more straightforward. 

What is digital hiring, and how can it be achieved?

Digital hiring is the process of using technology to track, attract, assess and hire the ideal candidate for your needs. It also speeds the recruitment process up. Digital hiring provides a more extensive reach, greater efficiency, and a higher return on investments in the recruitment process. Building a digital recruitment strategy is a lot more than just posting job advertisements on career websites. This method also involves looking at both the candidate’s experience and process efficiency. What this means for a company looking to recruit is that to benefit from an efficient digital hiring process, you need to:

  • Understand all the parts involved in the hiring process,
  • Look at what you can do manually and what you can automate,
  • Execute this plan into a hiring strategy. 

As Ben Richardson from Development Academy notes “Digital hiring can be a very quick efficient way to attract great candidates but it does require employers to up their digital game across the board. It requires a different way of thinking.” 

Some tools can help with tracking high-quality Job candidates through the digital hiring option. As an employer, you may want to know more about them.

Incorporating designs in your job advertisements 

The best candidates can’t work for two different companies unless they are freelancers. So if you want these candidates to notice your advertisement ahead of others, you can make yours loud by adding designs to your job advertisements. Your company’s LinkedIn or Twitter accounts are fantastic platforms for visually engaging advertisements and graphics to go with the news of your open jobs. Your design, recruiting, and marketing teams can collaborate to create a fascinating post that will attract high-quality potentials faster. This method will speed up your recruitment processes and help you spend less on the hiring budget. 

Online tools for sourcing 

You can use some online tools like Glassdoor and LinkedIn to help you track top-quality candidates. For example, Glassdoor helps you reach top-level candidates with some employer-branding tools. Prospective employees who are looking to join your crew trust peer reviews over other information sources, and this is one thing Glassdoor offers. Glassdoor also has a partnership with a platform called ‘Indeed’ that allows you to tell your brand story across two industry-leading platforms. This incentive helps you to track, hire and retain the high-quality talents that you need.

Checking for social media groups

As an employer, it is essential to always look out for social media groups that may possess the kind of skills you are looking to hire. There are several groups online that share the same career path. For example, there could be a group of reservoir Engineers on Facebook or Instagram who have years of experience working with different companies. They may not necessarily be out of jobs, but some of them may be hoping to work with you if you are into oil servicing, well completions, and drilling. Identifying these groups and sending your profile and job advertisements to the group can help you get the high-profile candidate you seek.  

Engaging PEO services

As the name implies, Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is a set-up that can help you get high-class job candidates. They achieve this by entering into a joint-employment relationship with your company to lease employees to you. They can help with some of your human resources activities, such as payroll and tax remittance, on behalf of the employees they hired for you. So, instead of searching online for the candidates yourself, why not search for the right PEO online and hand them the baton? For example, if you are setting up a branch of your company in Germany, you may not know the legal practices concerning recruitments. So, you can search for ‘PEO Germany’ online. This search should return different options of PEOs in Germany that will help you recruit the right talent for your needs within the boundary of all their recruitment laws. 

Final word

Digital hiring is now taking over in terms of recruitment. If you are still using the traditional method of recruiting, then you are losing a lot of money, time, and energy. Think about how much it will cost you to pay for a venue for aptitude tests when you can work it out online in real-time. Digital hiring helps you get your desired candidate faster and cheaper.

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