Top Trends to Attract Talents in 2014

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Top Trends to Attract Talents in 2014
Top trends to attract talents in 2014

The job market is one sector that changes through the times; and too often companies and organizations fail to recognize the changes that affect the way talents are recruited. The result is that they are unable to attract the brilliant talents of the current generation that are actually fit for their employer brand. Companies investing in the process of talent acquisition need to refine their strategies in order to attract the best out there. And in order for them to succeed, HR management must understand the top trends that the young generation of talents can relate to.

Understanding today’s talent acquisition or recruitment trends will greatly establish a better employer brand. A company that understands these trends must utilize specific tools to attract candidates in the fastest time possible.

Social Media

Attracting top talent means being present where your prospects flock together — social media. Social networking is now a common activity of every individual, making an organization with the right employer brand reach the brightest talents at any time and place. A big number of job seekers utilize their social profiles during their job hunting, so incorporating social media in recruiting strategy can be a big help to the organization. Studies show that there is a 33% improvement on the time-to-hire when companies utilize social media as a base for recruitment.

Utilizing Video

A very huge talent attraction trend for 2014 is video. When properly produced, a video can engage your talent prospects to messages that allow them to make use of informed choice. It serves the purpose well of attracting them to work in the organization. More so, if an organization’s website contains a video that introduces its company, the audience shows more engagement that just reading plain content on the site’s pages.

Creating Microsites

Microsites can help promote all media created by the company into one centralized platform, acting as a table of contents and making content accessible via several links posted on the microsite. It can also help a company to track and determine talent’s behavior ion searching for information, giving SEO elements a certain leverage.

Mobile Devices

Experts agree that mobile devices and tools will continue to thrive in the coming years, brought by the continuing demand of users for quick access to information. For instance, smartphone owners browse the internet more in their mobile devices than on their computers. Search results are faster on mobile than on computers. Job seekers are predicted to maximize the use of such devices as they optimize their time wherever they are. Organizations therefore must update their website to be reactive on mobile devices so they can be accessible by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Change is constant and too often for the better. The current acquisition trends, when utilized properly can help HR management optimize its organizational resources and most of all its return on investment. It is important to keep an open eye and mind, therefore, to these changes in order to stay competitive in the job market and continue to attract the best talents.

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