Top 10 Toughest HR Questions: Asked and Answered

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1 out of 6 candidates get to meet recruiter for an interview. So if you have just sent out a job application, you could be the lucky 1 out of 6. While getting noticed by potential employer is a good start, now what? Your resume is perfect and you are confident with it, but are you satisfied with your answers for some basic interview questions when the time comes?

When it comes to having a fantastic interview session that would land you a job, there are three things to prepare for:

  • Distinguish basic HR interview questions to anticipate and know the purpose behind them
  • Strategically develop an exceptional answer for every question
  • Train in answering the questions until you are as stable as possible

This is it. When you start following these steps, you will see job offers coming at you.

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Top 10 Toughest Questions: With Answers

Some interview questions are primarily common, yet not everyone knows how to answers them, so here are some questions (answered) that you’re likely to hear in an interview.

  • “So, tell me about yourself?”

Mostly asked at the very beginning of the interview, this is your chance to pitch them about yourself. Give them a quick idea of yourself—who you are. When you do this wisely, you will interest the interviewers, but if you don’t, they will stop paying attention to you even before getting further.

  • “What was/is your last/current position like?”

This is easy to answer, and most ask such question to make sure what you write in the resume matches with what you say. Mention the good things you have done, your contribution to the organisation, and so on. However, don’t go into details of your job post, no one needs to know what extra work you did on the side.

  • “Why are you looking for a new opportunity?”

This is one of the tricky questions asked in an interview. You can either put the interviewer at ease, or you can warn him with your answer. They throws this question to know if the reason behind you leaving was right, what your work values are like if you left voluntarily, and whether you left on good terms.

  • “What would you say is your strength?”

You can genuinely boast about yourself here, but make sure to do it skillfully. For instance, if you can do 20 push-ups, it is not relevant to the interviewer. Keep your answer specific, personal, and impressive. They ask this question to know if you are a good fit for their company and are the best person for the job.

  • “What would you say is your weakness?”

This is a question most candidates loathe answering because it is tricky to answer. You don’t want to sound negative, and you can’t answer. So, what can you do? State your weakness but tweak it to make it more positive. For example, if you say you have trouble speaking in large groups, this becomes a fixable weakness that you can work on through practice and it is a public development space that companies themselves provide.

  • “Why do you want to work here?”

This might be obvious but you should never mention that you are there for the money. When employers ask this question, they want to know your career goals and how they fit in with their company, they need to know if you are honestly interested in this job, they want to check how much you know about the company and the industry, and they need to remember your preferences. So, you can highlight the excellent work the company has done over the years and show your enthusiasm to join the team.

  • “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

It is somewhat of a silly but common question in a job interview. Your answer should be diplomatic and artful. They are, again, basically checking what your career goals are. HR recruiters don’t want to look bad if someone suddenly quit after two months, so they need to be extra sure about you, so craft your answer carefully to get their attention.

  • “Why should we hire you?”

The multi-million-dollar question. Here, you have to spend some time thinking about the job position, the competencies, and if you’re the perfect fit. You need to craft a brief but precise summary of your selling points, which you have already mentioned before.

  • “Do you have any questions for me?”

What you ask here can either make you look clueless or leave a lasting impression on their minds. At this point, you can ask about your role, the company’s culture, daily responsibilities, and so on.

When you’ve incorporated all of the standard interview questions and crafted exceptional answers, get to practicing now and good luck!

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